Source: The Independent

Hate It
May 02, 2014 | 09:09 PM

Smoke and mirrors. The main "people" who are subsidized are corporations "who" not only don't pay taxes but get huge refunds as well (e.g. GE; read about it). Four hundred people own as much as 150 million and 85 people have over 1 trillion dollars globally. Media (always conservative because it is corporate: the term *liberal media* is a stupid mantra that gets repeated so much that the uninformed believe it) always blame the poor. Most people on food stamps work (and I think a fourth of a fifth of the entire SNAP budget goes to Walmart workers). So, don't forget, to paraphrase, "While you were bitching about that guy who bought a Snickers bar with food stamps, Exxon just took $1900 out of your pocket." Misplaced rage, from those who wield weapons of mass distraction. Yes, I HATE what you to stir people up against the wrong "others"... I can deconstruct almost all of these "arguments" -- especially Obama being liberal! He is a great disappointment to all progressives with any eyes to see because he is right of Eisenhower, a man I admire very much these days, when many politicians were gentleman and not like a bunch of kids on the playground, stirring up manufactured rage so we don't look at the man behind the curtain. America is up for sale to the highest bidder and a few people own this country. Yes, there is terrible racism. You think a few clever phrases make things true?

Jill Marie