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Beyond Bumping & Grinding - Addendum
March 09, 2014 | 04:23 AM

Jerry ... Speaking of when you were 15 and in Sandy's basement just dancing ... 15 years later (at your age back when) I too was dancing. But playing "Spin-the-bottle" and "Post Office" in Buddy Ritter's basement in between songs was a real game-changer for me. All the natural hormones and lubricants one could ever possibly want. Four years later, seemingly way after The Beatles, there were very few bras to be found (except for those necessary and wonderful 3-4 "snappers", which very occasionally and very happily crossed my path.)

Just trying to stir things up a bit here, since Jerry's Ink seems to be fading in interest.

So, c'mon ladies! Any 3-4 "snappers" out there with something to say? LOL, Bill

Bill Crandall