Source: The Independent

It's All Good News
February 26, 2014 | 04:27 AM

Jerry ... You know I love you. We all love you. But you really need to expand your "news" horizons beyond New York's local ABC, NBC, and CBS broadacast news!

Of course we all dig cars wrecks and traffic jams on the GWB, Cross Bronx Expressway or LIE, but there's actually other stuff going on in the world (as you typically report in very specific political terms in "Jerry's Ink".) But as long as we still see, read, or hear about dead or missing bodies, we're all usually pretty happy.

And, hey, you get to be on cable TV with Neil Cavuto. Not too shabby.

My point being ... Don't feel cranky. Lots of really good news for you to vent on at C-SPAN (and for those who really want to know just how bad things really are.) "Live" performances from the actual players, without any "buffers" second-hand messengers. Best, Bill

Bill Crandall