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February 12, 2014 | 06:01 PM

It was ENY Brooklyn I was fifteen years old a big guy,an Italian wop.I was a good boy,a mommas boy who who never wanted to get in trouble,to protect my families name.It was 1945 I was attending St Malachys Catholic school.Bless me father for I have sinned,I self abused myself one time.I had to confess,I didnt want to go to hell.It was 1945 and the older guys conseal a scum bag in the wallet,incase.Well,I emulated them and I wanted to do the same.I remember as if it were yesterday what I had to do to purchase proforlatics.I cased this drug store for several weeks on Atlantic Ave.The owner was an old man,but there was always someone in the store.One day my opportunity came.As I walked in the store a bell rang to alert the old man who I thought was in the back attending to other business.Out comes this young lady dressed in her drug store outfit and says can I help you.With my head down I said a box of Trojans please.She replied,small,medium,or large?[gosh she was asking me how big was my dick was,I began to blush}Oh,Oh,er medium.Lubercated or un-lubercated.Oh,er un lubercated.I paid her ,but ill never forget that Monalisa smurk see gave me.

mike boccio