Source: The Independent

January 30, 2014 | 10:05 AM

In 1944 I was thirteen going on fourteen,attending St Malachys elementry school in Brooklyn NY.I was a good Italian mamas boy kid who wanted to do no wrong.The fear of hell was ingrained in me.Bless me father for I have sinned,I self abused myself one time.The big guys on the block were carrying a condum in a secret compartment in ther wallets.You never know you might get lucky and so I thought this was cool.I decided that one day I was going to purchase a condum.I remember this experience like it was yesterday.I would case this Pharmacy for weeks.There was an old man at the counter I was physically mature what can I loose. The problem was there was always some customer in their.I waited for the perfect moment.It came nobody was in the store.As I open the door to the store a little bell rang to alert the attention of the old man that was was in a room behind the counter attending to some business,I thought.Out comes a pretty young women with her pharmacy outfit and says,can I help you?I was speechless,and must of turn red as a beet.A,aaa box of Trojans please.Now she wants to know my size,small,medium,or large.Oh!my god what did I get myself into?Medium please.Then she says the prophylactics come in lub or un-lub.I put my head doun and wispered lub.She went behind the counter and got me a box of Trojans.Then I thought to myself was I doing something illegal here?I will never forget her smile and smirk when I left that store.

mike boccio