Source: The Independent

January 16, 2014 | 07:07 PM

I know just how you feel. My mother was a wonderful cook, kosher Jewish east European cuisine. It was delicious. However, every now and then, I felt a need to add some salt (pepper didn't exist in that world). It was a crisis, an insult. How was it possible that we little pishers could improve on her cooking! We approached the matter with utter trepidation, and, of course. it was met with a steely look directly at us.
Also, how did it happen that the wonderful Jewish cuisine of eastern Europe has for the most part gone by the wayside? Every ethnic restaurant in the world is all over New York. Jews, more than a fifth of the area, have to go hunting for Jewish culinary pleasure, and they find only a handful. An embarrassment. This is a serious historical-social discussion, the Americanization of a whole people.... but only us. You guys from Bensonhurst, Italians, terrific food, you, and everyone else, your restaurants proliferate. What happened to us Jews?

Larry Kuznick