Source: The Independent

Holiday Food Verite
December 13, 2013 | 03:59 AM

On a slightly more informative and fun note, just to add to my earlier commentary ... The historic reason we all seem to eat such strange animals and their various body parts is because our ancestors didn't have the money or means to go to Zabar's or Stop & Shop.

You ate what there was to be had in the neighborhood and nothing went wasted. Hence our continued and contemporary eating traditions of brains, stomachs, intestines, eyeballs - even bugs, depending on which part of the world your poor parents came from.

But now we have given all these indigenous "peasant" by-products very fancy names; in very exclusive restaurants; and they're really expensive. Go figure that and why we might want to eat tripe or derma in the first place!

I'll take a great ham or bottom-round roast beef sandwich, thank you! And OK, a bottle of Doctor Brown's Celray soda if I'm at Eisenberg's. Or a nice center-cut piece of filet mignon at Wolfgang's. Maybe a wonderfully cooked chicken breast at Sparks. Or my all-time favorite ! a beautiful, center-cut pork chop, on the bone, parmesan, from Campagnola restaurant in NYC, with their unbelievable tortellini Alfredo on the side, of course. Clearly, the best Italian restaurant anywhere.

And, if there, no doubt you'll see a beautiful Italian woman, just like "Aunt Josie", to make your night! LOL, BC

Bill Crandall