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Judicial races
October 21, 2013 | 01:16 AM

Both men are Gems in their own right - each will bring a positive change to the bench .

How do you choose between two equally qualified individuals?

I support Car Irace -
I support Steven Tekulsy -
I respect both as Candidates - who am I to JUDGE them.

I am not in a position to say anything more than both men are distinguished in their history - dedicated to serve and whoevers wins the race by popular will make us proud as a town judge.

Best of luck - maybe a growing town needs a third judge - especially if nite court comes into play -

In all due respect to both esteemed candidates --
It may come down to me /god and a coin flip -- I guess I could write in - the other guy --- too just so my support was balanced--
This I the toughest call of the races --there is no better guy --
For the job --

Personally it's time for 3rd judge - growing town ; I'm thinking ill have to get that in the hopper as SUPERVISOR?
VOTE - your responsibility - your right -

Write In Candidate
Martin Drew -

Martin Drew