Source: The Independent

Bull Shit
October 04, 2013 | 01:35 PM

Mr. Jerry, you are an award winner of Hypocrisy...,and more. Were do you come from to dare to lecture about " Bull Shit" , especially insulting our / your president. ( Like it or not) .
You are the one who invented this "art"- "Bull Shit"- Proof.. every single one of your Infantile,Ridicules,Nonsensical, ludicrous,Idiotic, Based on wrong facts articles,are documented evidence. Free speech is not freedom to insult, especially a President that was elected by a large majority of citizens. Do you understand "Majority" . Democracy??
Probably not, and why should you? you, one who managed to get yourself a "Police record " as soon as you arrived here, in "East Hampton " .
Please live up to your threat, to move- migrate to Italy.

Edward A. Wagschal