Source: The Independent

To whom it may concern,
September 25, 2013 | 01:52 PM

what can we do as a town, a community to help, I will volunteer my time & efforts,,but the thought of placing a child in a police car to be transported to a hospital for help for a mental issues is extremely saddening , to be treated like a criminal yet rather they are coping with an issue. my child isn't in High school yet, but she will be & ide like to think i can help in some way to make a path for those in need to take.sounds like we can use a clinic of some sort local for these children.I worked yrs ago with children in crises, with special education High school students. ALL loveable, ALL great kids, who just need extra care, love & understanding & a place local to vent & get help. please let us know what we,I, can do to help. reading this was very sad indeed.

christine Handy - Brown