Source: The Independent

I agree. This was a "half-assed" law. This might work better.
September 18, 2013 | 07:57 PM

I strongly agree that this "law" has been unfairly applied and is just another poorly conceived and executed Conservative "plot" to unfairly target those "types" that may only "look" like they might be carrying a concealed gun or knife. For example, why aren't the cops stoping little old men and women carrying groceries? They could have weapons in those Stop N' Shop bags! Or Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts going door to door selling cookies, they could pose a threat! What about the Clergy? OK, bad example. Or how about these street vendors, these Hot Dog Wagon guys? They look pretty suspicious to me! NO, instead NY's Finest has decided to pick on some poor souls simply because they may be wearing a dew rag, a 10 pound gold chain around their necks (with matching teeth) showing off their BVD's while their pants are half way to their $300 sneakers? Why would a cop "STOP & FRISK" anyone simply because they are only making a "fashion statement?" OK, so then how about this, we eliminate the "STOP" part, since 90% of the time these fashionistas are standing idle on a street corner or in front of a Bodega. They don't need to be "STOPPED"...I propose we keep only the "FRISK" part. I think Reverend Al would be OK with that, no?

Frank Luca