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Final Comment for the Week
August 11, 2013 | 12:16 PM

My first comment was all in good fun about the passing of summer. But since Jerry (in his usual fashion) has evoked such passion from his acolytes, who have commented so vociferously here from a Republican point of view, let me say this in closing to all ... Who cares who is POTUS, governor or mayor?

Nothing will change until "Corporate America" wakes up to its national responsibilities concerning working and non-working U.S. citizens (immigration legislation, legal or illegal, another issue.)

Increased corporate profits and balanced Federal budgets are always great. Just a question of who's getting "skinned" in the game. You, your kid, your mother, your brother, your neighbor, whomever.

I don't like politicians (Republicans and Democrats alike), because they're all selfish liars at an individual level and don't really give a damn about our country as long as they get re-elected. But they're an inherent necessary evil in our constitutional system of government - and WE pick them!

So, the question for all is ... Why do we do what we do and how long do we think the USA will survive at the pace and way we're going without compromise on fundamental human issues? On why we got to war every 5-10 years and send our children off (as always) to fight for our financial "portfolios?

The answer is because we personally don't have any "skin-in-the-game" beyond our money! Because most of us are too old to be drafted, so we're safe. Because we have food, shoes on our feet, and aren't sleeping on dirt floors tonight in the mountains of West Virginia. That's why.

Easy to opine when you're in The Hamptons ... smoking a cigar, with wine and cheese for all. Wild Bill

Bill Crandall