Source: The Independent

So Long Summer
August 07, 2013 | 10:27 PM

Jerry ... As sorry as I am for you and your kind about the passing of summer, good riddance!

Who needs the heat? The mind altering distractions of half-naked women on the beach who will "never happen"? Traffic jams on the LIE? People comfortably and lackadaisically strolling around the streets of NYC, heads down into their iPhones, and blocking the sidewalks for people who actually want to walk and get somewhere on time? Favorite restaurants you can't get into because of the seasonal transients? Not to forget our increasingly new foreign travel visitor "friends" who take more pictures than the Japanese.

All of which is to say ... fall is good and winter is better! Keeps everyone moving fast because it's cold. More focus; higher priorities; and everything back to normal. LOL, Bill

Bill Crandall