Source: The Independent

Egg Creams
June 19, 2013 | 11:11 AM

I think I am the last generation to make proper egg creams as a job. I worked after school at candy stores with names like Moe & Archie's and Sy & Peter's. A lady came in who had never been in before and ordered a large egg cream. She drank it almost to the bottom before calling me over to tell me it didn't have enough chocolate. I took the glass, ran my finger from top to bottom and said 'Lady, you drank it all the way from here to here before you realized it didn't have enough chocolate?'. She responded 'It doesn't matter how much I drank..not enough chocolate is not enough chocolate'. I made her another and told her 'Lady, this only works once..'. You think a kid making egg creams wouldn't put enough chocolate in? She never was back again.
I had the honor of making my father a proper egg cream once in a while.