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Anatomy Is Everything
December 29, 2012 | 12:59 PM

Jerry … What a great story about your Big Ass plane ride. I could just imagine you, of all the people I know, going through that experience. Absolutely hysterical!

Reminded me a lot of my Big Boobs flight from LAX to JFK in 1986 after my divorce.

Having already taken my window seat in an AA two-seat red-eye situation (it was around 10:30 p.m. and I was wiped out from the day’s client events), a middle-aged woman with one of the largest bosoms I’d ever seen and old enough to be my mother, said Excuse me! and took the aisle seat right next to me.

As a polite gentleman but confirmed big boobs fan since childhood, which I still am and don’t yet understand, I snapped right to attention (LOL) and helped her with her stuff.

She was modestly dressed in casual busines attire and a bit buxom, but there was no denying the amplitude and girth of her disproportionate upper endowments. Simply off-the-charts!

Of course, I immediately started planning my strategies about how to score with this woman once we landed in NYC (also had/have an older woman thing going on too), but soon fell asleep and everything was back to normal.

Right up to the point when I woke up and realized that her giant left boob (I swear as an expert, at least an E or F-cup) was resting directly on the top of my hand on the armrest between us as she read a magazine. Now what to do?

I politely pulled my hand out but could tell that she somehow knew then, and all along, where I was at. Maybe because I was constantly staring at her bosom?

Anyway … We eventually shared a cab back to town. I was going to my place on East 39th and she was going to East 65th. Needless to say, I called in sick to the office that morning and spent the day and next night on East 65th.

No cell phones, but one of the best days of my life!

Hope you and your readers enjoy this true story. BC

Bill Crandall