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Pay your fair share or else
November 28, 2012 | 05:32 PM

Mike, here's a little more background on the General Custer who Della Femina says was West Point educated and who with 700 well-armed men fought 3000 untrained and poorly armed Sioux and Cheyenne at the battle of the Little Big Horn...and lost. Why did Custer lose? Well there were many, many, many, more indians than there were soldiers in Custer's army, that's why. Della Femina's point it seems, is that Romney really should have won the election. After all he, like Custer, has what it takes to win. If only he hadn't been outnumbered by those redskins Rather than go into Romney the candidate here is a snippet of information about our famous General Custer that Della Femina neglected to include in his profile of Custer: “If Custer signally lacked something it was what the rest of the world called conscience. He had no capacity for empathizing with the pain and suffering of others.” He provides ample evidence to support this harsh verdict. Custer executed Confederate guerillas without trial in the Civil War, massacred without provocation a Cheyenne village at the battle of Washita, and famously disregarded the advice of his scouts at Little Bighorn by dividing his forces and attacking with troops exhausted from a forced march of 83 miles. And here is where you can find the rest of this bio on the "General":

David Enock