Source: The Independent

Re: President Obama's Performance
October 10, 2012 | 10:32 AM

Mitt Romney is like a shark in the water... He smells the chance to beat President Obama in the Foreign Policy Debate coming up..... I think that's the reason he gave such a strong speech the other day in Virginia....Give him credit for insisting that his speech writer ramp up his presentation....

President Obama's only Foreign Policy accomplishment was killing Osama Bin Laden (which his Seal Team carried out with total professionalism).

Aside from that, what can he point to?

He tried to blame a cheesy Youtube video for (what we now know) was a planned attack on our Embassy on 9/11. The State Department late last night acknowledged that it wasn't spontaneous.

Iran... Good luck... The whole Middle East is a tinder box....

If you think of it, the Dems were sort of hoping the first debate would help President Obama lock up the nomination.... They know he has no foreign policy record to run on...

Oh well..LOL