Source: The Independent

Obama Slaughtered Romney!
October 05, 2012 | 02:02 PM

Obama decimated Romney right out of the gate. Romney, with his mumbling, foot-in-the -mouth performance, doesn't have a chance.

I repeat what Obama repeated from the THINK PROGRESS Talking Points memos on the podium. Please repeat with me:

Romney wants to give Warren Buffett a $5 Trillion tax cut.

After this poor, fumbling and mumbling performance by Mitt Romney, looking down at his shoes throughout the debate thinking about Hope and Change, his next hit of choom, Mitt doesn't have a chance in Hell.

I know Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt, but that's just an impulse on her part like flying off to Paris on a multi-million dollar shopping spree at taxpayer's expense.

Look, if we don't pay for her Channel suits, who will? You?

Meanwhile, Romney will take his deductions for sending jobs abroad, as Obama said.

Romney also eats babies alive - it's true - and knows nothing about business. If he did, he'd have grown up on the streets of Chicago with Saul Alinsky books.

There's a warrant out for PBS newsman Jim Lehrer's arrest for causing worldwide riots in media newsrooms for allowing Romney to get away with his act.

Andrew Benjamin