Source: The Independent

The End of An Era
October 03, 2012 | 01:18 PM

Et tu, Jerry? This utter crap? From The Guy Who Gave Us Great Advertising? SAY IT AINT SO !!! I have always called myself a political conservative. And always liked, supported and enjoyed your writing. Big, big fan. But now, here comes today's piece ... and here we are: Finally, Its "HOLD THE PRESSES! JERRY DISAPPOINTS!" Its sad, Jerry. Like finding your hero has feet of clay.. read it again, and you watch Jerry slowly descend to using cheap tricks, personalised attack modes and ill-imagined, bizarre and boring scenarios. Is this how an adman ends his innings? Not with a bang but with a disjointed ramble of conspiracy theories and addled, angry squeals? Slobbering drools and whimpering drips of meaningless prose? Rabid rightwing 'schlock masquerading as shock' but not working on ANY level? I feel sad as I say this, but hey, SOMEone has to: "Poor writing, Jer!" Poor thinking. Poor arguments. Poor you.

Raj Marwah