Source: The Independent

Independent Almanac


July 12, 2006

June — Many Showers

For many years June has been recorded as our driest month of the year. Then, in June of 1982, one day’s rain was 6.61 inches, and the entire month totaled 14.58 inches. It was not only the wettest June, but one of the wettest months ever recorded at the Bridge Hampton U.S. Weather Station. The wettest month ever recorded here was last October, which had 19.96 inches of rain! Such are the variabilities of weather! Shall we call it strawberry month? Graduation month? The first of the month? Or the wedding month? Regardless, this past June has kept all things green with 11 days of rain! Lightning during the last week caused several house fires.

Measurable rain fell on nine days, and the total for this June was 10.66 inches. June’s temperature as well as its rain has been variable, to say the least. The warmest day was 84° on the 23rd . It was in the 80s on only six days; this is a low number for June. Fifty-two degrees on the sixth was the coldest night, and it was in the 50s on sixteen nights. No record breaker for coolness or wetness, but where is global warming?

Wind direction, while variable during the first week, settled down to our summer’s prevailing direction—southwest. It was from the southwest on 15 days. Two days with fog were recorded. Where is June’s sunshine? Recorded were five clear, eight partly cloudy, and 17 cloudy days.

July will give us more sunshine, higher temperatures, and sweet corn. More southwest delightful afternoon breezes, with some sunburn! Yes, a chance of a squall while sailing. Keep a good weather eye on Long Island’s summer weather because it can change very fast on a hot summer day!

At Bridge Hampton’s 350th Anniversary Parade and it did not rain! We must be doing something right! What a day!