Source: The Independent

Quogue Property Sale Still Under Review

by Emily Toy

January 22, 2014

For months now there’s been debate amongst residents and officials in the Village of Quogue over the sale of a 1.3-acre, village-owned, canal side property on Dune Road.

Last Friday’s village board meeting proved no different as the board picked up the tabled issue, which features allowing two Quogue families to purchase the property.

A resolution on the issue to approve the sale was drafted on December 20, where it outlined Robert and Micki Friedman and Ray and Natharon Goodman as tenants in common, and concerning the property located at 155 Dune Road. The resolution also stated the price for the property, $250,000, subject to restrictions that will limit development to a walkway and dock for two boats.

One of the family members slated to buy, Robert Friedman, who lives across the street from the property under review, previously noted how he thinks it would be wise for the village to sell the property because it would have him paying taxes to the village, town, school district and so on. Friedman has wanted to build the walkway and dock for years.

If the sale goes through, the Friedmans and the Goodmans would have to wait for approval to build their desired structure from a slew of different agencies, including the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Southampton Town Trustees, to name a few.

Southampton Trustee President Eric Shultz said how he thought it unusual for a village-owned property to be sold to a private party.

Others expressed concern over how the land may be developed in the future. The question of whether or not the property will be further developed arose, noting the lack of a guarantee from the owners to keep it minimal. Some opposed to the sale believe the village would not get the appropriate amount back in exchange for the valuable, waterfront property.

Originally donated to the village 14 years ago by John J. and George B. Post (the Posts are one of the oldest families in Quogue), the wetland parcel has nothing attached to it in terms of how it is used.

The issue was tabled once again and is set to be revisited for further discussion (and to consider public comment) at the board’s next meeting on February 21.