Source: The Independent

Ivy Untapped Launch

by By Jessica Mackin

December 11, 2013

On November 19 Alexandra Fairweather and Eric Goodman hosted a launch party for their new website Ivy Untapped ( at the Yale Club in New York City. It was the perfect setting for the new site, an invite-only social network for the Ivy League community, to host its launch.

Fairweather and Goodman, both Columbia University grads and current business partners, discovered that many of their own friends and colleagues were unemployed or underemployed. Ivy Untapped is a dedicated network hub for collaboration, talent, new ideas and business opportunities for its members.

“Ivy Untapped’s mission statement is to help Ivy League students and graduates—whether they are employed, unemployed or underemployed—create opportunities from within. Rather than push our members to become job-takers, Ivy Untapped encourages its members to be job-generators,” said Goodman of the newly launched site.

Fairweather and Goodman are themselves already successful professionals. Fairweather, the step-daughter of famed artist John Chamberlain, has been a filmmaker since age 14. She is a former art gallery director at Gallery Valentine in East Hampton, and is currently a self-employed art investment advisor, and co-manager with her mother of the exhibition and sale of Chamberlain’s work. Fairweather and Goodman are also the co-publishers of a new print and online culture and lifestyle quarterly magazine Fairweather, that profiles successful millennials from all walks of life.

“As a documentary filmmaker, I have always enjoyed interviewing people, hearing amazing stories and subsequently developing a film’s storyline based on those said interviews. In many respects, the magazine is simply a continuation of what I’ve always been doing in just a different medium,” said Fairweather.

Goodman’s background includes undergraduate studies at NYU, working as a day-trader while at Columbia, and landing an investment banking job with a premier global investment bank right after graduation. Add classical pianist to the mix, with his stints as an accompanist to Julliard opera students as well as with the Julliard and Columbia orchestras. Working in finance was his true goal and he is now a notable hedge fund analyst with a prominent investment firm.

Fairweather and Goodman have worked on many meaningful non-profit projects. Fairweather is very passionate about the Chamberlain/Fairweather Scholarship Fund, a scholarship she founded in 2006 affiliated with the Ross School in East Hampton, as well as the Chamberlain Watermill Center Residency Fund, a fund she started in 2012 to benefit artists at the Watermill Center.

Goodman is also very passionate about giving back to his community. He has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, where he rebuilt homes in New Orleans following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina. Other community endeavors include serving on the Parrish Museum After Ten Committee, donating time at New York City Homeless Shelters as well as guiding tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Ivy Untapped has big plans for the future, as it expands to larger arenas. Coming up in the next few months, an Ivy Untapped application, events of all kinds, and different ways of bringing members together. Further down the line, the team will be building additional websites for other groups.

“The Ivy Untapped website provides a calendar of upcoming events, coffee chats, and a soon-to-come speaker series, comprised of mentors from all walks of life. In the next six to nine months, Alexandra and I will also be launching College Untapped and High School Untapped in an effort to expand the growing network to all college graduates and engenders an environment of entrepreneurial initiative even among those who have not even entered college yet,” said Goodman.

“Starting in January, there will be an innovation session in NYC, where members can meet and network with one another and discuss their potential, new business ideas. In January and February, we will also be having several programs, including classes discussing business basics,” continued Fairweather on how the site will create working relationships.

Where does the duo see the new site in 10 years? “In 10 years or less, Ivy Untapped more broadly will have served as the catalyst strongly needed to curb the growing un-/under-employment quagmire rampant throughout the college undergraduate and graduate community. Rather than resort to the myriad job postings on the innumerable job-seeker databases, Ivy Untapped will be a notable—and successful—alternative exchange where members can collaborate on fresh and exciting projects. Over the next few years, Ivy Untapped will evolve into one of the most powerful and influential knowledge banks globally, having tapped into the untapped potential of thousands of Ivy League undergraduates and graduates,” said Goodman of the possibilities of this new forum.

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