Source: The Independent

Fantasy Heaven And Hell

by Skippy Brown

December 04, 2013

Sunday was a roller coaster ride of epic proportions, and, like most of you, I alternately suffered or celebrated the fate of my Fantasy Football team.

I went into this week fourth in my NFFC Online Championship league – the ultimate winner takes home a cool $100,000, and the top four teams from each league advance into the final round for a chance at the big money.

I was feeling pretty damned good about my team Sunday, because I had amassed a 66-13 lead on Thanksgiving Day, when three NFL games were played. My opponent closed in on me as Sunday wore on, mainly because he had Josh Gordon, who was having a big day for the Cleveland Browns.

Then disaster struck – Gordon caught a 95-yard touchdown pass with a minute left in the game. That was good for 16 Fantasy points, and it put him ahead of me.

I still had Wes Welker, though, a gifted receiver who is Denver’s go to guy, especially in the end zone. In fact, he leads the Broncos in touchdowns. With Peyton Manning at quarterback having a record-breaking season it seemed Welker was sure to have a big game.

Sure enough, Manning threw five TD passes. Unfortunately, four went to Eric Decker, and none went to Welker. I lost my game and a shot at the $100,000 – at least I thought.

I had noticed that in addition to won-lost records – mine was a pedestrian 6-7, good for a fifth place tie — the NFFC website also listed the top scoring teams. I was third for the season. Reading further, I realized that as such I qualified for the finals.

In my Yahoo Pro League I had a similar experience. I was in fourth place, and needed to beat the first place team to make the playoffs and get a shot at the big money. I put up a good fight but I lost. Dejected, I searched the website to make sure my fate was sealed.

It wasn’t! Yahoo uses a 14-week regular season, meaning I still have one game left. As luck would have it, I play the team ahead of me in the standings. If I win, I’m in.

Part of my dejection was the fear that this magical season would end, that these blissful Sundays spent in Fantasy heaven were coming to an abrupt end. But like a senior citizen coping with my twilight years, I live to experience more joy and thrills. Life is sacred, and we cling to it with every fiber of strength we can muster.

I better win next week or I swear I’m gonna kill myself.