Source: The Independent


by Jerry Della Femina

October 16, 2013

At night you will hear the sounds of car windows being smashed . . . In the morning youíll feel the crackling of broken glass under your feet . . . Cars will have crudely written signs saying ďNo RadioĒ . . . There will be aggressive panhandlers on every block . . . Every day youíll hear about another shooting, another death . . . An African-American teenager is shot in a gang fight in Bed-Stuy . . .

The New York Post will show the picture of a sweet little two-year-old who was shot and killed by a stray bullet while she was crossing a street in East New York holding her motherís hand . . . Youíll walk on a street in midtown Manhattan and keep looking over your shoulder. Is that an innocent man walking home from work behind you, or a mugger who would kill you for your wallet? . . . Then if you drive thereís the squeegee man who will suds up your windshield and then he will extort money from you before he will clean your window so you can see the road.

Welcome back to 1989.

I have, on occasion, had a nightmare where someone I love is in danger Ė maybe about to fall off a cliff or about to be hit by a car and Iím standing there watching it but Iím frozen in my tracks. I canít do anything to save them.

Naturally I wake up and realize itís a bad dream.

Iím sure just about everyone reading this has had the same kind of nightmare of being paralyzed while someone they love is in danger.

Iím having this kind of dream now, but itís while Iím awake, and instead of being about someone I love, itís about New York, the city I love thatís in danger. And there is nothing I, or you, can do to save it.

Bill de Blasio is going to be our next mayor.

Forget that heís a socialist. Forget his past record with pushing socialist causes. Forget the honeymoon in Cuba or that he was part of various groups in the United States sympathetic to the Soviet-backed Sandinista government Ė in Nicaragua.

Thatís his business. What he supports, what he did in the past or does in his private life, is his business.

What he plans to do after he is elected Mayor of New York City is our business Ė yours and mine.

What frightens me is that he has made it clear that he is going to take this city back to what it was 25 years ago.

The first thing he plans to do is end Stop-and-Frisk. By this act alone he is sentencing hundreds of young African-Americans to death. Guns in Brownville cause shootouts. How many young people have to die before de Blasio understands that Stop-and-Frisk made this the safest large city in the United States? He will end it now and all hell will break loose. New York will become Chicago, or worse, Detroit.

You will walk out your door in the year 2014 and youíll find that outside your door itís 1989.

In a few short months under de Blasio we all will come to really appreciate Michael Bloomberg. Billionaires who love the city and work tirelessly to make it better are few and far between.

This is not about politics. Most intelligent Democrats I know are as nervous about de Blasio as I am. These are people who voted for Obama twice and plan to vote for Hillary in 2016.

They have young kids and they donít want them to be walking streets that are no longer safe.

So how does de Blasio have a 40-point lead over Joe Lhota?

There is a new voter bloc and itís growing more and more powerful every day.

Every cheap politician knows that to win their votes all one has to do is promote class warfare.

The group resents anyone who has worked hard and made money. They resent anyoneís success and blame everyone for their failures. They will elect anyone who promises them free cell phones, free medicine, free housing, free insurance, unlimited food stamps, etc., etc., etc.

When they elect de Blasio, they will be giving up charter schools, the best way for their children to get a great education, in favor of a union-dominated, mediocre public school system.

They believe itís a small sacrifice to get all the other free stuff.

This is not only a New York City phenomenon.

The Occupy Wall Street slime is being replaced by a new group that should be called Occupy the United States. Every town from East Hampton, New York to Stockton, California is going to have to face them. They are the new majority.

They will now own the mayorís office in New York City.

God help us.

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