Source: The Independent


by Asher Lee

October 09, 2013

ARIES (Mar. 20 - Apr. 20) Your feelings and actions really have the opportunity to be in sync this week. Check in with your intuition, then take action. You may not be feeling ‘all together,’ but this can be a productive and revealing time as long as your feelings are included when making choices.


TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 21) Your creative and artistic side is heightened this week, so you may want to take some kind of action to develop those areas or put your work out there. Overall, you may be feeling very sensitive. This is a sure sign that a creative project is a good outlet for that energy.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 22) Well here is a week for you! The energy should allow for amazing possibilities, so be bold and courageous and move toward your goals. You may have to resist the urge to hang out on the couch and enjoy the energy. You can do that if you want, but if you get the urge to put yourself out there and make something real, there has never been a better time.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23) Feelings are big this week and perhaps intuitive. If you are having a ‘feeling’ about someone else’s motivation or a place in your life to take a chance and do something daring, that is the energy to follow. Feelings should be right on the money as long as your fears aren’t crowding out your true guidance. Tune in and check your fears at the door.

LEO (July 23 - Aug. 23) Your very unique self comes center stage this week, why not go with it? You don’t have to fit in all the time and the energy this week is giving you the chance to carve out your own unique path. A little bit of rebellion can be the perfect thing. Trust yourself.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23) You are powerful, you know? This week you have the opportunity to experience your power, with respect and dignity. (You would have it no other way!) Powerful doesn’t mean big and scary; it means standing firm in who you are and what you know to be right. It doesn’t have to be about drama. It does have to be about power.

LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23) Very creative time this week, you may want to hang out with a Taurus and just do creative things. There’s no better time. Hang out with anyone and do creative things, but some people may be more inspiring than others. Re-arrange the furniture or clean the kitchen, whatever will give you a visually beautiful place to be so you can create from there.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22) Stable yet profound change is the energy. It has been around for a while now and continues this week. Be patient and take your time. The changes that are happening in you, in your body and mind, are deep and profound, so it is good that they are happening slowly. Choices made now will last a long time. Patience is essential.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) While home may be the place you most want to be right now (and that is not always the case), you may want to take a bit of an excursion, just for a bit. You may find yourself torn between home and an adventure and this ‘need for a choice.’ Making such a decision is actually the point of the energy. What shall you do? Trust yourself.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21 - Jan. 20) It may feel like you have all that you need to move boldly forward and yet there are limitations on your movement. There is an issue of timing, so you will have to wait for everything to come together. Trust this process and know that you are on the right path and it is, indeed, just a matter of time.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19) So what is the state of your relationships? You may need to confront this very question this week and you will want to take care. You mind does have that ability to detach from your feelings and just be logical about things. That may not be the best choice with the people you love. Before talking, remember that you love them.

PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20) Big creative and spiritual energy this week. You may be getting information on so many different levels that it will be hard to know what to do and when to do it. Stay tuned in and when you feel the energy move in a certain direction make sure you take advantage of it.

NOTE: If you were born at the end or beginning of a sign, read the sign before and after your birthday.

Asher Lee is a professional Astrologer and Tarot reader. She is an interfaith minister, and has been giving spiritual counsel on the East End for 25 years. Asher lectures and teaches on metaphysics and related topics. She is available for private and group consultations. For further information call631-727-0711 or visit Asher is live doing readings on WBAZ 102.5 FM on Wednesday from 5 PM to 6 PM every week. Tune in!