Source: The Independent

Work That Wire!

by Skippy Brown

October 02, 2013

Allow me to gloat if you will. Not because I’m such a great Fantasy Football player, but because I do everything in my power to win every single game. This week my diligence paid off.

Not many of us tabbed Tennessee as a team with a good defense when we were drafting. In fact, on Yahoo only four percent of team owners had the Titans on their teams.

But I read a lot, and listen to the Sirius Pro Football channel, which is a treasure trove of valuable information. These are not just Fantasy hacks – the station interviews head coaches, professional scouts, and beat writers from the major cities who cover the pro teams.

What I was hearing surprised me. The Titans defense is fast, young, and aggressive. So when it became time to make waiver moves and pickup free agents for Week 4, I made my move. I picked up the Titans for five of my nine teams (the others had equally good or better defenses, like Seattle and Chicago).

To make a long story short, I won all five of those games, and why not – The Titans “D” scored a staggering 26 points, the highest of all 32 NFL teams. Had I kept the team defense I had, I would have lost four of those games.

I also picked up Steve Novak, the kicker from San Diego. I had seen him play a week earlier, and he was really striking the ball well. Conversely, some of the kickers I had drafted just weren’t scoring for one reason or another. Novak had a banner day – three field goals and three extra points.

The moral of the story is simple. You should constantly be monitoring the waiver wire and FA list in your leagues, because every time someone gets picked up someone gets dropped.

A case in point is Kenbrell Thompkins, the Patriots’ wide receiver who had two miserable games to start off the season. If you’ve been reading this column, you know we touted him here before the season started. Why? Because Tom Brady has to throw it to someone, and the kid is as good as anybody else on the team.

Thompkins started getting dropped in some of my leagues after Week 2. I pounced on him – all he’s done since is score two touchdowns in Week 3 and two more in Week 4.

As we progress through the next five weeks, teams will take their “Bye” weeks, meaning each team gets a week off at some point. Coupled with injuries that mount up as the season progresses, there is tremendous opportunity for an unknown player to step in and become a progressive Fantasy player. Figuring out who they are is the secret to Fantasy success.

Remember one key rule: every single player in the NFL is talented. Most were all-American college players. They are all imposing players with unbelievable skill sets, and they tend to be a cocky lot – they all think they can be stars.

All they need is the opportunity, that is, playing time.

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