Source: The Independent

A Sticky Issue

September 18, 2013

This is not about former County Executive Steve Levy – he surely didn’t put the sticker on the pole on Narrow Lane in Bridgehampton and likely didn’t know it was there. It’s one of many seen around the East End, eyesores that are permanently affixed.

The Levy sticker dates back to 2006! There is another sticker we spotted on Edgemere Road in Montauk for our buddy Richard Haig, who ran for East Hampton Town Board two years ago – but it dates back to when he ran for town justice eight years ago.

Every year the major parties promise to stop defacing public and private property with offending signs, and nothing ever changes.

In election years, whoever is winning proposes a ban on signage. Whoever is losing sees it as a political ploy, probably correctly. What we need is for everyone to agree NOW to ban stickers altogether beginning next year, except of course, on privately owned cars (people can feel free to junk up their pricy luxury vehicles if they so choose!).

As for the offending signs that pop up on every road, limit them to private property only – front yards – and only if the owner puts them there.

What’s really needed, though, is penalties. We were once told by a code enforcement officer that political signage is considered “freedom of speech.” We didn’t buy it then, and we don’t by it now. Make the stickers illegal, and give the offending parties a week after Election Day to remove them or face hefty fines that escalate as time goes on.

We all want a level playing field. If both parties agree to stop defiling the place we live, both will benefit equally.