Source: The Independent

Sharks Named Princess, April, Resilient And The Beamer

by Kitty Merrill

July 31, 2013

It was fantastic, Carl Darenberg, Montauk Marin Basin’s patriarch enthused. Last weekend MMB hosted the historic Shark’s Eye catch and release tournament, the first of its kind in Montauk.

Nine boats participated and tagged over 60 fish. Four sharks were fitted with special satellite tags that allow people to track them via the OCEARCH website.

Participants were awarded points for fish they tagged, and winners were given the chance to name the four satellite-tagged sharks. Richie Nessel was the overall winner, racking up 37 points with nine blue sharks and seven makos NOT brought on board. He named his tagged fish “Princess.”

A second shark, tagged by the crew of the Free Nicky was named for April Gornik, an artist who helped organize the tourney, along with the Concerned Citizens of Montauk. The crew of the Fin Seeker named their released catch Resilient, and the BluefinV, christened a blue shark with a moniker chosen by sixth graders at Montauk Public School – The Beamer.

Educational forums and a film fest at the marine basin drew “a great crowd,” Darenberg reported. The boat My Joyce hosted wounded warriors for the tournament. Dave Bofill offered a brand new boat that served as the “chase” vessel.

Other tournament winners include Rocky’s Retreat in second place with 30 points, Reel Intensity in third (27 points). The Redhead and My Joyce came in fourth and fifth place.

The event was such a success, Darenberg said he is already getting calls from people who want to help out and be involved next year. “People are already offering me money for next year,” he said.

The two-day tourney has also captured national attention with news crews from both CBS and NBC following the action. CBS coverage was slated to appear Monday night and a segment on “Today” may be in the offing for later in the week.