Source: The Independent

Love, Energy And Passion: EVE

by Kitty Merrill

July 31, 2013

There are only a handful of performances of the Neo-Political Cowgirls production of EVE. Don’t miss the chance to see this edgy and provocative dance theatre immersion production.

After a much acclaimed premier last summer, creater Kate Mueth returns with her immersive journey of a newly formed woman in a world already rife with experiences and history.  As the audience moves freely through 13 roaming rooms, her story unfolds through music, movement and art -- minus the fourth wall -- inviting the audience into the various personal moments of her experiences. A “club theater” styled story, EVE is a powerful and mysterious piece drawing the onlooker in with each actor’s tale. 

Audience members were lavish in their praise of EVE this week. Said one couple, “that was one of the most freeing and emotional theatrical experiences that we’ve had in like forever! We teared up, choked up and could hardly breathe at the end - joy & exhilaration!!!” Offered another, “EVE . . . rocked me to the core . . . It has certainly stayed with me. You walk out at the end, not entirely sure what just happened, but you know it was something, possibly something very big. I knew EVE would be a crazy experience, I was told it would be, but I did not expect to be shaken in an extraordinary way. What did it make me feel? Awe. In awe of the creative mind (Kate Meuth’s) that spawned this theatrical experience.”

EVE was named the Best Special Event of the Hamptons in 2012.

The Neo-Political Cowgirls, founded and directed by Mueth, is a not-for-profit company of women dedicated to creating innovative dance theatre that explores the female voice. Mueth’s productions are designed for audience members to feel involved as well, breaking down conventional walls that traditionally separate the audience from the actors, and inviting its viewers to expect the unexpected. Their outreach work includes choreography workshops for girls and women that allow them to create work in their own voices that deal with subject matters most important to them. 

Performances this week include fundraisers for Bay Street Theatre tonight and tomorrow at 7 PM, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9 PM. LTV Studios on Industrial Road in Wainscott. Tickets are $35 online and $40 at the door. Visit