Source: The Independent

July 17, 2013

Congrats To Rick

Hello Ricky Murphy,

I was going to write this last year, but never did. Lol. When I read your paper today and saw your column again, I decided to finally to do it. Just for the halibut.

Last July, my daughter, her two kids and I traveled from Westbury, NY to a convention center in Rhode Island. On the way back we headed to The Hamptons via ferry. Of course, we just missed it by 10 minutes and had to wait the hour.

I grabbed some local papers and started reading. That’s when I came upon Rick’s Space.

I told my daughter, who was sitting next to me - I know this guy! (It’s a funny thing when you come across a name that you knew way back when.)

I should correct that and say that I knew that guy, briefly, like a second in time; or, I knew of that guy.

Of course, that guy would be you. I think a bunch of us were on Main Street in front of the movie theater hanging out. I remember that you grew up in Brooklyn.

You won’t know me, but I remember hanging out in Sag and you were among the kids there.

I knew Mike McMahon, Robert Kelly, Mike Adams, and Steven Peters, etc. Sag girls didn’t like me cause I was considered a “City Girl,” only summering in Noyac. Robert Kelly was big on kidding me about being an outsider/city. In fact, when Internet and emails came about, I jumped at the email address: I detest when anyone adds a ‘k” to the name!

Congrats on being a three-time winner for Best Column!! I write as well, or mostly try to. I have a children’s book out and maintain a blog, but sometimes I wonder why!

OK. Now that I finally followed through with sending this email, I can throw out the July issues from last year that were meant to remind me :). Hope your life still includes some bright Sag Harbor moments. Best regards from Noyac.


Critical Omissions

Dear Editor,

There is no question that Assemblyman Fred Thiele is a hard working legislator. In fact, judging from his rosy assessment of New York State one must assume all is well. So his article on “accomplishments” omits some critical areas.

The debt burden is $300.6 billion.

Last year was a rosy $6.6 billion debt repayments and expected to rise by $900.0 million this year! Raising the minimum wage will raise unemployment for certain ethnic groups and first time workers; this is a long established fact.

However, the unchecked inflow of illegal workers affords businesses a steady pool of workers. Raising the unemployment monies will only induce more unemployment and further the ever-increasing black market for unreported business.

Want to help New Yorkers? Authorize fracking, like Pennsylvania did, which eliminated unemployment in three neighboring counties. NYS ranks dead last in business climate, taxes amount to an average of 12.7 percent.

New York State has entered the highly risky venture capital business -- can you say “Solyndra?”

Thiele takes all of your money and then selectively gives you back some crumbs to make you feel he is doing well for you.

Actually New York State is nationally recognized as dysfunctional, not to say corrupt. The Legislators are paid $79,500.00 per year and $171.00 per day doing the peoples business, all the while working in the private sector. Nowhere did I see that New Yorkers are freer of regulation, or that taxes are actually lower.

The incredible largess of state government sucks the entrepreneurial spirit out of its citizens. Sorry if you missed the rest of the story.


Extremely Intelligent?

Dear Jerry,

I am totally mortified by my past feelings about you and your intelligence. I really thought in the past that you were extremely intelligent, aside from being a creative genius - most probably you are still a creative genius, but intelligent? No way!

Anyone who can come out in writing and say that George W. Bush was one of the greatest presidents of all time must live in La La Land. Besides the fact that Bush left this country in a financial mess and sent our boys to fight a war that wasn’t -- he was by far the worst leader (“leader” - that is really a joke) of all time.

Of course Obama had to work twice as hard to make this country prosper and he is doing a great job trying to turn around all the damage of the Bush administration.

I see you left East Hampton for Noyac/Sag Harbor -- Didn’t you state that if Obama won you would leave the Hamptons for Italy? Looks like you went in the wrong direction.

However lots of luck in your new surroundings and God bless America, from a partiotic American.