Source: The Independent

Super Bowl: Indy Experts Pick The Winner

January 30, 2013

Jerry Della Femina

I judge this game by how well these two teams did against my Giants this year. The Giants beat San Francisco easily. Baltimore destroyed the badly coached Giants.

A key player will be the Ravens Anquan Boldin, a great receiver who can out-muscle any defender San Francisco has. I think he will be good for two touchdowns in a high-scoring game.

Quarterbacks are almost even, although Colin Kaepernick, the creepy tattooed 49er QB, may get a case of nerves and fumble or throw some interceptions while Joe Flacco is a shade less talented but much more poised, so he will play a strong, steady game.

Key player to watch is David Akers the SF kicker, who has blown a few field goals this year. He blows one this game and your 3 1/2 points are good as gold.

Take the 3 1/2 points and go with Baltimore.

Pete Mundo

I expect Super Bowl XLVII will be worthy of the hype. The 49er QB, Colin Kaepernick, making only his 10th NFL start, has shown skill and judgment well beyond his years. Ravensí QB Joe Flacco is the hottest player in the league, compiling 853 yards, and 8 touchdowns through the postseason. Two teams with impressive defenses and plenty of playmakers make the HarBowl an even match on paper. As it oftentimes does, this one will come down to the kickers. I like the Ravens rookie Justin Tucker (30-33 field goals in regular season, 2-2 in playoffs), over 49ersí David Akers, who missed more field goal attempts than anyone in the NFL this season. Final score: Ravens 24, Niners 21.

Rick Murphy

I figure the line on the game should be at least 8 points, with the 49ers favored. My reasoning is simple: San Fran has a better passing game, a better running game, and a better defense. The line as of this writing favors the 49ers by only 3.5 points Ė that tells me the smart money is on the Baltimore Ravens, and the smart money is usually right. The reasoning is the Ravens are on a roll, like the Giants last year. The Ravens have been a different team since they fired their offensive coordinator, but they are still not nearly as talented as their opponent, and Kaepernick is a budding superstar. 49ers 31, Ravens 20. Take it to the bank.

Karen Fredericks

I think a lot of runs will come home and George Steinbrenner will hit for the monument. Iím predicting many goals and aces and think the Dodgers will win -- after all, Iím from Brooklyn -- by scoring a nookle in the last hemisphere. There will be big, sweaty men spitting and cursing and getting dirt on their nice, clean outfits.

Final score: Infinity to Pi.