Source: The Independent

January 30, 2013

It Is Wrong

To The Editor,

I live in the homeless shelter at Hidden Cove in Hampton Bays with my two children and have read the articles written. So I have decided to give my input.

I know nothing about zoning or town issues but what I do know is that the town of Hampton Bays is truly and unfairly putting residents in the middle of your fight over what to do with the hotel. We were not asked to be placed here and I myself am aware of how people in the town treat us because we are homeless and it is wrong. We get funny looks -- people see us walking down the street and act as if we have robbed them.

First, there are not more than three people in a room and no one has to put cots together to sleep. We can and most do own their own car and no one is from out of state. Most are from the East End and like myself have been displaced because of Sandy.

It’s not fair how your writers have talked about us like we are not here, like we can’t read and like we don’t have a voice. To my knowledge no one stays here past six months and to read these articles about the kids going to the schools in the town -- what have we or our kids done to you? Even if we didn’t live in this shelter I feel we still wouldn’t be welcomed in your town.

I’m not the only resident who wants to say something but the managers keep the articles away from us and don’t discuss the situation with us. I and most residents would like to attend a town hall meeting to hear with our own ears what’s really going on and how we affect your community.


Editor’s Note: Our writers did not comment about the shelter – articles in this newspaper quoted town officials and others who made the comments. And yes, your managers apparently kept you from reading our paper by allegedly stealing them off the racks of nearby stores.

Never Contributed

Dear Rick,

What happened to you in this new year?

“Embrace” healthcare? He gave us Obamacare; sorry but I can’t support that program.

“Embrace” home ownership? I support myself through honest work and pay my taxes and my mortgage. I do not embrace nor support the idea that everyone deserves a home. Everyone has the right to own a home if they can pay for it through their own earned income.

“Embrace” a secure retirement? That I do since I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into the system for the past 35+ years of my working life. I object to social security being lumped in with true welfare and entitlement programs where the recipients/takers have never contributed a dime or an ounce of sweat into their entitlements.

Your latest editorial sounds like you’re at the bad end of a bender or in need of one.

Get back to reality, Rick, or change your ghostwriter.


Hillary’s Oscar

To the Editor,

All intel information given claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so stated Colin Powell. We never found them -- not to say they didn’t really exist, they could have been deployed to Syria, and it’s a possibility.

Obama got rid of Mubarak in Egypt now to have the Muslim Brotherhood in charge as we send over 17 fighter jets for Egypt to use how? Why does Egypt need fighter jets unless they want to see the people of Israel doomed as they are “descendants of animals and pigs,” a quote.

Swift boating, Kerry made a big political mistake riding in on a u-boat, yes the vets turned on him as he ran his mouth during the Vietnam War, shot himself to return home and marched with Hanoi Jane, He was extremely outspoken against the war.

As far as Obama taking down Osama bin Laden this was his ditch to spike the football, as he refused the order how many times? He knew he needed this to stay alive in his liberal party and with followers as he was losing big time in the polls.

I guess the next deal has been made, one of two things Obama will change the law and claim he can run a third time, or he will back the new Oscar winner Hillary Clinton in 2016 for her appearance with him this Sunday on television, backing everything concerning Benghazi. So far they have gotten to the bottom of nothing.


Systematic Inequities

Dear Editor,

The great economist and author of On The Road To Serfdom was a genius and a prophet. He foresaw what is taking place in America -- the rise of the demon socialism and all of its dire inequities.

What Frederick Hayek spoke and wrote about is now coming to pass, and is what we must make war against. Hayek implies socialism “systematically threatens the foundations of society.”

We ask, how is it to be recognized? Hayek and many others have witnessed the rise of socialism over time. Do the laws of the land take from classes that which belongs to them to give to others? Does the law perform for the benefit of one person or group and to the detriment or injury of others?

This is what is taking place in America. We are on the road to serfdom -- look around. We the people, with a declared government “of, by and for the people” must abolish these inequities without delay. They are not only in some cases unconstitutional, but illegal and immoral, as we have witnessed in New York State recently.

Bishops of the Catholic Church stated it is a fertile source of inequities and it invites further inequities that multiply over time until they become systematic.