Source: The Independent

December 19, 2012

The True Spirit Of The Holidays

The recent debate in East Hampton over the burgeoning deer population is one we’ve opined about many, many times. Until all our local municipalities embrace a long term plan that is centered around contraception and sterilization this debate will rage.

Briefly and for the record one more time, we oppose hunting as the sole solution, either by expanding the hunting season or by adding more places where hunting is allowed. And we abhor bow and arrow hunting altogether – it is inhumane and ineffective. The time approaches when we can’t have armed people walking around in our wooded areas discharging weapons – civilization, for better or worse, has encroached on most of the land once deemed acceptable for hunting.

We are not against hunting, and we acknowledge its place in our history and culture. More specifically, people hunted for food more often than not in times’ past. We don’t believe many people do that anymore, and we reject the notion of “sport” hunting – there is nothing honorable in taking down an innocent animal.

Like so many things we took for granted, it may be time to let it go, just as we can no longer let the dog out the back door, park at the beach without a permit, or leave the keys in the car at night. It’s lamentable, but a sad fact.

There is one thing all of us can do. SLOW DOWN. All of us on the roads observe the same thing every day – too many drivers going too fast. If a deer does cross in their path, the odds of a catastrophic accident occurring increase proportionately with the speed of the vehicle. It’s a no brainer.

We understand that deer carry with them danger, be it from Lyme disease or from traffic accidents. We also understand, at this time of year especially so, that embracing some kind of extermination policy is, if nothing else, bad karma. Let’s solve the problem sensibly and humanely, with an understanding that no living creature should be made to suffer because of man’s follies.

The Best Of The Best

On another note, loyal readers know next week we will publish our coveted “Best Of” issue with some of the highlights of 2012, culled from our editorial, arts, and photography departments, as well as a New Year’s Eve round up.

All of us at The Independent would like to wish you and yours the best, and we hope you make the most of the holiday season. Our offices will reopen on January 4. Once again, thanks to all of our readers and advertisers for your support. Here’s hoping 2013 will be a banner year for all of us.