Source: The Independent

December 12, 2012

Rights Violated

Dear Mr. Murphy,

In his column, “Pay Your Fair Share or Else,” Jerry Della Femina unhappily observed that conservative Republicans “must face reality . . . we are outnumbered” True. Republicans have defined themselves as the minority party. On the other hand, in those areas where pockets of conservatism exist, Republicans do win elections. So it’s safe to assume that a few experienced Republicans will be waiting in the wings to take the seat of State Senator Kenneth LaValle when he retires, and if Bridget Fleming decides to run for Mr. LaValle’s seat, she will have her work cut out.

Because in recent elections voters have been trending toward independence, the concept of the independent watchdog group takes on some significance. In many political contests, business dealings have been scrutinized for purposes of disclosing whether a candidate has used his office for personal gain. In Southampton however candidates have traditionally escaped this type of scrutiny. So it wasn’t a surprise when Congressman Timothy Bishop argued that outside scrutiny was unfair even though it is fair and quite normal.

As for women’s issues, it has been my experience that although I’m a property owner, Southampton officials lack the ability to treat me as a peer or with respect. Therefore, in the absence of a watchdog group, it’s important that I have the right to speak out freely when I believe my quality of life or property rights have been violated. Having said the above, I believe an economic argument is more powerful than a gender argument because any economy that marginalizes women will be a less successful economy.


Good Cheer

Dear Rick,

Holiday time is here.

I say, there’s a chill in the air.

Store’s windows are cheerfully aglow.

Decorated, with the utmost of care.

Button up your coat, don’t forget your scarf.

Put on that funny, warm hat you wear.

I especially like to see that smile of yours.

It’s the season to be happy, every day.

Have a wonderful time.

I say, it’s a holiday!

Do we need a better reason?

MY message to one and all –

Have a happy holiday!


Huge Success

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Noyac Civic Council, I would like to thank many persons who pitched in to make our Holiday Dinner Dance a huge success.  

First, I’d like to thank WLNG for their many years of service by airing our Holiday Festivities announcement.  Dave Lee also deserves a thank you for also publicizing our events.  On Saturday Mike and Betty Dowling hosted the delicious Children’s Party at their Noyac restaurant, M.J. Dowling’s. Santa surprised at least 39 children. Diane and Phil Bucking, owners of the Sag Harbor Garden Center, generously donated the Christmas tree, which we proudly decorated at the traffic circle at Long Beach and Noyac Road.  

On Sunday the staff at The Coast Grill did a superb job of preparing and serving gourmet food to a full house of revelers for our dinner dance. Many Noyac residents and businesses donated gifts for our door prizes and raffle, and we would like to acknowledge them: Marilyn and Dennis Downes, Judge and Carol Burke, the Noyac Liquor Store, the Whalebone General Store, Cromer’s Market, George Heine Realty, Cappelletti Restaurant, Dowling’s Restaurant, The Bridge Golf Course and King Kullen Supermarket. Diane Hewett, proprietor of DCH Graphics must be recognized for her professional design and layout of our holiday flyers and printed matter.

The NCC also thanks JoAnne Staffa, Randy Ackerman, Gary Ackerman, Diane Hewett, Christiana Witty and Marilyn Downes who either collected tickets or sold raffle tickets to support the NCC Scholarship Fund during our Dinner Dance.

The NCC asks our community to patronize our local businesses, especially during the holiday season.  The Noyac Civic Council wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah and a Happy New Year.


President, Noyac Civic Council