Source: The Independent

December 05, 2012

Super Senior Event

Dear Editor,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Seniors Dinner hosted by the Montauk Fire Department including its auxiliary, the Montauk Lions Club, and the Boy Scouts. What a wonderful event and what a giving community! I wish to thank all who gave of their time and talents to host this marvelous dinner. I felt privileged to be there.

Before retiring to Montauk, I was involved with many community organizations and currently serve as President of the East Hampton Rotary. In all my years working on community events, I can never recall such a beautiful event. I congratulate all involved.

Merry Christmas to all and may you have a Happy New Year.


Celebrating Life

Dear Rick,

I visited from Dallas, TX to help my classmate and friend, Romey Byrnes-Doyle celebrate her mom’s and our Girl Scout leader’s 100th birthday. How could I turn down so unique an invitation, handwritten by a beautiful lady celebrating life, faith and family? Thank you, Mrs. Byrnes, for showing us all how to live life beautifully!


Deer Management Plan

Dear Rick,

I’d like to remind your readers about the public hearing this Thursday at 7 PM in Town Hall on the proposed Deer Management Plan. The EHBA has been lobbying the town to address the deer over-population for over four years and thank Councilman Stanzione for his hard work on this. The Deer Management Plan will determine the deer numbers (needed to evaluate if the plan is working); calls for methods to reduce the herd numbers and then offers suggestions on ways to maintain a sustainable level.

We encourage the community to speak at the hearing Thursday night. If one is unable to attend please contact the town board and/or the town clerk with your support for this important Deer Management Plan. The town needs to hear from us!


Executive Director

East Hampton Business Alliance

Sponsor An Animal

Dear Rick,

This holiday season, please consider extending your compassion and generosity to poor people and exhausted animals in India by becoming an Animal Rahat sponsor. (“Rahat” means “relief” in Hindi.)

Throughout India, thousands of bullocks, horses, and donkeys are forced to pull heavy carts for miles. Many suffer from muscle strain and painful sores. The exhausted animals are disturbingly thin and dehydrated because they’re often not given enough food or water.

To help these animals, Animal Rahat employees have installed water tanks around the main towns and designed screens that can be attached to the carts and used as shelter against the sun, or as a blanket in winter. Animal Rahat veterinarians inoculate the animals against disease and provide them with special supplements.

The program pays impoverished people to rest their animals; they receive a subsidy for allowing sick, injured, and elderly animals to retire. If they can’t care for their animals at home, the animals may live at the Animal Rahat retirement center.

Show your holiday spirit and visit to sponsor an animal.


Lowering Expectations

Dear Rick,

We were privileged last week to have a self appointed representative of Wall Street, visit Capital Hill to voice his expert opinion, that we should enact cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to aid in the impact of the financial disaster, for which they, Wall Street, were virtually responsible.

What unmitigated gall. This greedy pig who earned $16 million last year and together with his fellow pen-mates, were bailed out by the very middle class for whom he is requesting cuts in welfare; those earning $14,000 a year. His name is Lloyd Blankfein and he is the CEO of Goldman Sachs, although he represents the mindset of the predominant (although not all) number of the 1 and 2 percenters, the “hard workers.” He feels that we should “lower people’s expectations” about their retirement and health care. He gives new meaning to the word “Calloused.”

A few examples:

Despite their self-created financial crises Goldman Sachs received a Government bailout of $10 billion while at the same time received an $814 billion near zero interest rate, Federal Reserve loan. I believe it’s called shrewd business rather than theft.

While in 2011, earnings at Goldman Sachs fell 14 percent, he rewarded himself with a raise from $16 million to $17 million. I guess that’s called incentive rather than finagling.

And then in 2008 he managed to get Goldman Sachs a $278 million refund from the IRS after earning a profit of $2.3 billion the same year.

And I suppose that’s called creative bookkeeping or keen negotiating rather than lying.

Let us hope that Mr. Blankfein’s remedy to have the 98 or 99 percenters, the “lazy people” pay for his and his ilk’s financial mess falls on deaf ears.