Source: The Independent

November 21, 2012

Help Is Needed

Talk about tragedy narrowly averted. As bad as it was, Sandy could have been worse. For that we give thanks.

Others were less fortunate, and our hearts are with them. The Independent sent a van loaded with supplies to some of the affected areas Sunday, as so many local businesses, organizations, and individuals have. The rebuilding process has just begun.

This was a catastrophe to rival the tsunami and Katrina, and thousands are still suffering -- all of us need to give what we can. Remember too, the homeless pets and the kids who wonít get to celebrate Christmas.

Our New Digs

The Independent has moved to flashy new headquarters just down the hall from the old office.

Previously, we were at the Red Horse Plaza (74 Montauk Highway) Suite 19. Our new refurbished digs are three doors down to the west, Suite 16.

Because of that pesky hurricane our phone lines and fax machine were compromised. Hopefully by the time you read this all our services will be restored. Our email has been operational throughout, so you can always reach us at,, photos at the same email address, and so on. Or better still, drop by for a visit!

LIPA Bashing

We know, itís an easy target, but we canít help feel some sympathy for LIPA in the wake of the overwhelming criticism the utility company has endured in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy.

Yes, the LIPA infrastructure is outdated and its communications system incapable of dispatching the emergency crews shipped in from other states. Weíve known this for several years now, and the utility seemed on track to upgrade its system. Unfortunately, two hurricanes in two years retards progress.

Politicians like Governor Cuomo saw an easy target and in our opinion took some cheap shots. Certainly the men and women of LIPA who toiled, literally, for 18 hours a day did their best.

The truth is, it was one of the worst storms in history. We were flooded, battered by winds, and beset by electrical fires. In retrospect it was wishful thinking to believe the system would be up and running in a day or two.

There is no silver lining here. Weather seems to be worsening along with global warming, and severe storms damage the LIPA system. A complete overhaul would cost an immense amount of money, and Long Islanders already pay far too much for electric power, and for that matter, gas and heating fuel.

The governor needs to stop the LIPA bashing and come up with a plan -- and a way to raise the necessary funds -- to rebuild LIPA from the ground up. Otherwise, start stocking up on the batteries now -- it could be a long winter.