Source: The Independent

November 07, 2012

Leave No Pet Behind

Dear Editor,

Two paws up to New York City for allowing people seeking refuge from Hurricane Sandy to take their animal companions with them on subways, taxis, and trains, as well as in all of the city’s emergency shelters.

All cities should follow New York City’s compassionate lead. Our animal companions are even less equipped to survive a disaster than we are. Left behind in an emergency, cats, dogs, and other animals may be stranded in dangerous situations for days or weeks without food or water if conditions prevent their guardians from returning.

What’s more, as we’ve learned from Hurricane Katrina and other emergencies, many people would rather risk their lives than leave their companions behind to face uncertain fates in a disaster zone.

I urge everyone to ensure that they have an emergency plan in place for their animal family members, and to never leave animals behind when evacuating a disaster. Material possessions can be replaced, but best friends can’t. For disaster-preparedness tips, visit


Privatizing Disaster

Dear Rick,

Sandy, “The Perfect Storm” showed President Obama to be the Perfect President to handle it. Before the first breeze trumpeting the eminent arrival of Super Storm Sandy ruffled our hair, our President was making arrangements for the emergency relief of those who would be the possible victims. And when the fear became a reality, he was ready and implemented all necessary government measures and also visited the troubled scenes, and this time spent at the critical tail end of the presidential race. Ask Republican Governor Chris Christie. This was no Hurricane Katrina scenario.

Imagine Mitt Romney in that position. During the June 13, 2011 Republican presidential debate, he uncharacteristically answered honestly that federal disaster relief was, “Immoral.” He said that he would have the private sector handle it. Disaster for profit why not?

That same greed oriented mentality would advocate for prisoners for profit by privatizing jails, human well being for profit by privatizing Health Care, communication for profit by privatizing the Postal Service, education for profit by privatizing Public Schools, U.S. disaster response for profit by privatizing FEMA type activities, etc. The privatizing for profit by he and his privateers goes on and on. Romney’s Bain Capital is the poster boy for these buccaneers. It is their piracy modus operandi: Attack, Capture, Destroy and Plunder.

The concept would be laughable if it wasn’t so lamentable.


Can’t Be Trusted

Dear Editor,

It was disappointing to read that The Independent has endorsed Mitt Romney. I certainly hope he doesn’t win.

This man has demonstrated that he has no core values, is obviously a hostage of the extreme right wing of his party, lacks authenticity, and has changed his tune so many times, we have no idea who he is or what he truly believes.

His campaign has been running ads based on misinformation and deception.

After refusing to answer questions from reporters for three weeks, he finally decided to issue a statement that he is now for FEMA after he was against it. This, while the President took a tour of the devastation of New Jersey with the blunt-speaking Governor Christie, who has made it clear that he is very grateful to the President and for all the government help he can get.

Romney never released more than two years of tax returns. Could it be there was some embarrassing information regarding tax avoidance, even if not illegal?

Neither he nor his running mate can be trusted. Ryan couldn’t even tell the truth about his marathon time! And if you have to lie about that . . .



Dear Editor,

I am extremely disappointed in your shortsighted choice to endorse Mitt Romney for President.

Most educated people understand that the economic situation that we’re currently digging out of was created by the Republican policies of the previous eight years before Obama took office. To say that Obama didn’t deliver on his promises is to turn a blind eye to the extraordinary efforts of the Radical Right in Congress to thwart him at every turn.

More importantly, Romney has proven to be a spineless political hack who has changed his tune so many times no one can be sure where he stands!

I am sad that now I have to lump you in with that other conservative rag, the NY Post, which I now only use to cover my son’s art table.