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President Barack Obama Versus Mitt Romney
The Independent Endorses . . .

October 31, 2012

The Independent is wrongly perceived to be a Republican newspaper because our majority owner, Jerry Della Femina, is a nationally known ardent Republican and he frequently espouses his views in his column, Jerry’s Ink.

People are surprised to learn, though, that Della Femina never imposes his view in this space. He has never even suggested we endorse a certain candidate, he has never asked who we planned on endorsing, and he has never commented about our endorsements. There have been more than a few that likely surprised him, some that probably angered him, and some he probably approved of. As publisher he could rightly command this spot for his own; he never has, and has never expressed a desire to do so.

This year we are blessed to have two Ivy League-educated candidates running for the U.S. presidency. Both are brilliant men.

Barack Obama came to Washington D.C. four years ago during a financial crisis that was not his doing, but he made a series of mistakes that compounded the problem. Faced with a potentially devastating financial meltdown, he turned to his financial advisors – primarily Goldman Sachs alumni – for a quick solution.

The TARP bailout, based on a three-page proposal hastily put together by the White House, poured $500 billion into the hands of the banks that helped cause the financial crisis to begin with. Virtually no money went towards the millions of Americans facing foreclosure – by running the bailout money through them, the banks would have gotten the money anyway and homes and families would have been saved. Not surprisingly, those who benefited most were Goldman Sachs alumni, many of whom had management positions in the banks that benefited most.

The hope -- the assumption -- was the banks would use the funds to allow small businesses to borrow again, and would-be homeowners to get mortgages. Instead, the banks did neither; much of the money went overseas to foreign financial institutions caught in the meltdown.

As a result, the Obama plan to cut the deficit never materialized – it jumped from $10 trillion to $16 trillion on his watch. He based his presidency on the promise his plan would succeed, and it didn’t.

His program to create jobs didn’t pan out, either, costing over $200,000 for every job created. The administration made massive infusions of cash to start up alternate energy companies that was wasted; in too many instances the companies are gone and the money vanished. In some cases, executives from those companies were Obama campaign contributors, supporters, or lobbied the president for money.

Obama personally killed the one sure way of reducing our reliance of foreign oil and creating domestic jobs, the Keystone Pipeline. His promise to reduce unemployed to 5.4 percent was not kept – it hovers around 8 percent, and many more Americans have been out of work so long they aren’t included in the statistic anymore.

The president promised to address the illegal immigration problem in his first year and did nothing until his last, when he proposed his Dream Act, an obvious attempt to secure votes that is basically a call for amnesty for many illegal immigrants, even ones guilty of committing multiple crimes here.

Both men are fathers and husbands with wonderful families. Mitt Romney has been lambasted for his religious views – he’s a practicing Mormon – but Obama worshipped at Trinity Union Church Of Christ for nearly two decades, listening to Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Israel, anti-white, and anti-American rants without once criticizing the pastor – until the media exposed him.

Mitt Romney has been labeled anti-woman yet he surrounded himself with high-level female executives when he worked in the private sector and as Governor of Massachusetts.

The fact is, Romney was a sensational governor, provided scholarships for every single graduating senior that did well on the SAT exams; and he started the program, though Obama insisted during the third debate that it preceded Romney. At Bain Capital, and later as the head of the U.S. Olympic Committee, Romney proved he could raise funds, manage people, and multitask. Obama, on the other hand, never held a management position in his life until he was elected president.

President Barack Obama is a dynamic presence and his election marked a long overdue milestone for this country. He is and will continue to be an American icon, and his future is bright. That aside, though, he did not keep the promises he made to the people of this country. Frankly, his lack of high-level executive experience became more obvious as time wore on.

We need people who know how to make money in Washington. What we have are people who only know how to spend it.

The Independent endorses Mitt Romney, and we urge voters to put aside politics and get this country off the course of financial devastation and onto the road to recovery.