Source: The Independent

October 31, 2012

Sheer Poetry

Dear Editor,

Truth, not lies.

Jobs, not poverty.

Elections, not czars.

Balanced budgets, not deficits.

National strength, not weakness.

Liberty, not dependence.

Altschuler, not Bishop.

Romney, not Obama.

I believe in the American people.

Let’s get back to work.


Failed Policies

Letter to the Editor,

More people gave up looking for work in September causing the U.S. unemployment rate to dip to 7.8 percent. The unemployment rate has hovered over 8 percent during Obama’s entire term up until last month. The president promised a 5.6 percent unemployment rate by this time in his administration.

The growth of the U.S. population requires the creation of 150,000 to 200,000 jobs per month to hold unemployment steady. In September only 114,000 jobs were created, which means we continue to fall behind in creating jobs. At the current rate of job creation, we might not hit full employment (4 percent unemployment) for at least another four years if we are mired in another Obama administration.

The current administration has done a terrible job with the economy. We have 23 million Americans underemployed/unemployed, and only 58 percent of the working-age population is currently employed compared to 63 percent in 2008 before Obama became president. Americans on food stamps have increased by 15 million in the past four years. And the national debt has gone from $10 trillion to $16 trillion under Obama.

We are in worse shape now than we were when Obama took office, and we cannot afford to continue these failed economic policies.


Abuse Growing

To the Editor,

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem on Long Island and across the country. In 2011, there were nearly 350 fatal overdoses in Nassau and Suffolk County.

This growing epidemic puts an enormous burden on our social services agencies and health care facilities – resulting in more than one million emergency room visits nationwide each year. Moreover, costs relating to prescription drug abuse amount to more than $72 billion for health insurers each year. It is clear that prescription drug abuse has become an enormous drain on our local and country’s resources.

Drug dealers and those who enable drug dealers have found a way to “game the system,” avoiding detection from existing safeguards that monitor many controlled substances. Currently, 93 percent of all prescription drug purchases are tracked and recorded. Yet the remaining seven percent of purchases slip through the cracks, processed as “self-pay” claims. Many of these drugs are falling into dangerous hands and putting our communities – neighbors, colleagues, families and children – at great risk.

Preventing prescription drug abuse is not a partisan issue. We must come together to address the serious issue of prescription drug abuse, and close the “cash-pay” loophole that exists in prescription drug law nationwide.


How Absurd

Dear Editor,

I returned from vacation and was disappointed to learn about the allegations of misconduct and incompetence against Linda Norris of the East Hampton Adult Day Care Center. How did these allegations come to be? I am a volunteer at the day care center and have witnessed on many occasions the devotion, love and concern Linda has for the elderly.

When Linda interviewed me for a volunteer position at East Hampton Adult Day Center, I saw in her someone who had the utmost compassion for the elderly. Linda had tears in her eyes when she was telling me how she felt when meeting the families of the elderly and to inform them that at the present time there were no openings at the facility.

My mother had Alzheimer’s disease and had to be placed in a nursing home; I would have considered myself fortunate to have Linda there for her. This is a woman who went to India to volunteer at an orphanage; and now she is being suspended for allegations of being incompetent and misconduct. How absurd is this?

I would hope that the board would give those of us who know and respect Linda an opportunity to speak on her behalf.


Reward Offered

Dear Fellow Residents of Amagansett and East Hampton,

In the interest of our community coming together to seek justice in the death of John Judge, I offer a $5000 reward to the person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed him in a hit and run accident in Amagansett on October 23.

This reward is in addition to the $5000 offered by Crime Stoppers of Suffolk County.

Although I didn’t know Mr. Judge personally, I am doing this because his story and the words of his friends touched me. He was a member of my community. He has no voice as the victim.

I do know that sometimes those of us who are fortunate in life need to use that good fortune to help bring justice for someone who no longer has the voice.

I hope each of us in the community will show solace and support in whatever way we can.

I hope the reward will motivate the person who may know something to say something.

Hit and run drivers should not walk free. The plight of their victims should not be lost in the news of the day.

You can help by contacting the East Hampton Town Police Detective Division 631-537-7575 or or Crime Stoppers, 1-800-220-TIPS.