Source: The Independent

October 24, 2012

Time To Go

Dear Mr. Murphy,

It is time for Tim Bishop to go.

He has been a mediocre Congressman these last 10 years with no legislation that bears his name. But worse, he has betrayed voters.

Embroiled in a serious pay-to-play corruption scandal, he has been named one of the most corrupt members of Congress by the Committee for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a non-partisan ethics group. Bishop is silent as regulations devastate our farming and fishing industries.

After promising constituents he would not vote for the Affordable Care Act, in a spectacular act of betrayal he voted yes on Christmas Eve for this grotesque government power grab that will crush religious and personal liberty. Bishop’s vote for Obamacare has already resulted in a $700 billion reduction to Medicare. And, Obamacare will sic 13,000 new IRS agents, not doctors, on we the people. This madness has to stop.

Randy Altschuler is an intelligent, American success story who will represent all East End residents with vigor and integrity. So, on Election Day, November 6, I hope voters will go to the polls and make Randy Altschuler their new congressman.


Create Jobs

Dear Editor,

As I travel the district every day listening to and speaking with fellow Long Islanders about their hopes, dreams and concerns for the future of our communities, I am constantly urged by voters to continue sharing my positive plan for Long Island’s future.

That’s why I wanted to take the opportunity through this week’s column to again outline the major points in my jobs plan, and encourage everyone to visit my web site at to read the entire plan before Election Day.

My plan will create jobs, boost small businesses and grow Long Island’s economy by:

1) Giving entrepreneurs the tools they need to start new businesses, making it more palatable for people to take risks and follow their dreams. That includes reforming and simplifying the federal tax code to spur investment and job creation. We should lower rates for everyone, and close loopholes that benefit the ultra-rich.

2) Repealing and replacing Obamacare with common sense reforms that lower the cost of insurance, while preserving the doctor-patient relationship.

3) Eliminating costly regulations that strangle business growth and job creation, while rolling out the red carpet, instead of the red tape, for businesses in Suffolk County. We need to become more competitive with neighboring states and countries around the world.

4) Enacting a sensible energy policy that expands domestic oil and gas production, along with renewable energies to help reduce prices for consumers.

5) Protecting and fostering the growth of our local fishing industry, and the myriad of small businesses that depend on its continued success.

6) Supporting and promoting Suffolk County’s agricultural community, incentivizing private sector employers to hire local veterans and attracting new capital investment to Suffolk County.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I am confident that a growing local economy and expanding commercial tax base would allow us to deal more effectively with the serious issues facing Long Island today.

A larger tax base would help ease the property tax burden on residential homeowners, stem the growing foreclosure crisis gripping our neighborhoods, and reverse the mass exodus of young people who can’t find high-quality jobs here anymore.

With your support on Tuesday, November 6th, I will go to Washington and work with people on both sides of the aisle to begin implementing tenets of this plan and getting us moving in the right direction again.


Much-Needed Reform

Dear Mr. Murphy,

In my opinion the area west of the Shinnecock Canal could benefit from a reformer of the caliber of former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani who, like former President Ronald Reagan, had clear values and could not only defend those values but convince opponents and voters of their merit. In brief, Mr. Giuliani, who rose above the special interests and cronyism of both parties, focused on two issues: reducing crime and improving questionably-zoned areas like Times Square. Therefore I have to conclude that a Republican like Randy Altschuler could also deliver much-needed reform by addressing specific issues.

I have discussed horse farming so let me be clear that I can prove at least one farm and farmhouse west of the canal have been carrying real-dollar expense and liability because of a badly-designed highway project and questionable development. Further, taxes west of the canal are the highest in Southampton; the Riverhead Town side of the Peconic River has improved whereas the Southampton side has struggled; motels in Riverhead, Greenport and Montauk have been refurbished by investors into attractive accommodations whereas west of the canal, motels are used for taxpayer-subsidized housing. I could go on, but since no elected official has addressed these meaningful issues, I believe they represent an opportunity for an innovator like Randy Altschuler.


First Step

To the Editor,

Last week, a letter signed by all chief elected officials of the Five East End Towns and Villages, save East Hampton, was sent to the FAA by NYS Assemblyman Fred Thiele requesting a southern helicopter route along the Atlantic Ocean be mandated for craft heading to East Hampton from the south.

This request is not new. The letter referenced and attached a June 2010 document signed by four East End Supervisors requesting this same route change among other essential access limitations for both East Hampton airport and Gabreski airport in Westhampton.

This is an important first step and Assemblyman Thiele, Congressman Bishop and Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst are to be congratulated for leading the charge. However, while there may be some justification for sending helicopters over the Atlantic to approach East Hampton airport, simply spreading the noise around victimizes greater numbers of homeowners and wildlife, rather than addressing the source of the problem.

What is new is that elected officials from all levels of government united, in short order, to properly represent their various constituents suffering from unrelenting aircraft noise from East Hampton airport. Our airport and the aircraft traveling to and from it has become a serious regional quality of life problem for all East End residents, as this letter makes clear.

Notably absent from this request, was the signature of East Hampton Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, who deferred, preferring the consent of the entire East Hampton Town Board before committing to such a request. Councilman Stanzione, however, affixed his signature to this document, persevering in his solo decision making approach to airport policy. This same policy single-handedly created the Bastille Day Bombardment of Noyac, North Sea and Sag Harbor when the Councilman directed all helicopter traffic previously using the Northwest Creek route to come in and out over Jessups Neck. Remarkably, it was this route change and the Councilman’s independent action, which has galvanized elected officials all over the East End in efforts to provide relief from aircraft noise to their residents.

The noise problem at East Hampton airport is a political problem with a political solution. Local elections are one year away. Voters are paying close attention to this issue.

Elected officials, take note.


True Vision

Dear Editor,

President Obama proved during the second presidential debate that he could get mad and angry. Unfortunately he was unable to graciously put aside his self-destructive demeanor long enough to give Americans a healthy plan for a positive future.

All he could do was regurgitate a litany of failed policies while reiterating his demonic intention to stifle and suppress religious freedom in America through Obamacare. On the heels of a timid performance in the first debate, pro-democratic CNN moderator Candy Crowley tried desperately, if not unfairly, to get Obama back in the game by repeatedly stifling Mitt Romney’s early rebuttals to Obama’s comments - so much so, in fact, that by the halfway mark of the debate Obama has amassed a stunning 6 minute lead over Romney in talking time.

This, however, was not enough to help Obama overcome himself and put a dent in the fresh, humble, spirited and optimistic armor of the more presidential looking Mitt Romney - a man with a true vision and the right stuff to restore economic and spiritual hope and prosperity to all Americans. The road to perdition is long and wide (Matt 7:14) and for the past 4 years Americans have been following it. On November 6 you can change the course of history by entering upon the “narrow way” with Gov. Mitt Romney.