Source: The Independent


October 10, 2012

Up, Up And Away

Dear Editor,

Our gas prices have jumped up and down with every wind of scandal and intrigue in the Middle East, while our off shore platforms floated off to other countries, leaving us with less domestic oil from government land.  Our only hope was oil from privately owned lands, and that has kept the fuel flowing, if more expensive.

I don’t know about you but it hurts to put $60-70 of gas in my car each visit to the station. I know the stations get pennies per gallon in profit, and reports are that the big oil companies get about ten cents per gallon, but somehow our state and local taxes are sixty five cents per gallon?  Certainly there must be the cost of transportation and processing, understood. But from the condition of our roads it would be hard to prove the original purpose of the tax, to pay for our roads, is being spent properly and not sent off to a general fund.

Food prices have gone up, milk, bread, eggs, all up. Not our paychecks.  Our property taxes are getting ready to go up again too, thanks government officials.  Aren’t you supposed to be helping reduce our taxes?

Mr. Bishop, what are you doing to help the East End? We need tax relief. The governor put a 2% cap on taxes and everyone tried to find a way around it. 

When a tiny school of under 125 students needs $4+ million a year to educate our kids, we have a huge problem. Other schools manage on one tenth that amount and have higher scores to show for it.

Mr. Bishop, what are we going to do about the charges you are one of twelve most corrupt congressmen? I’m thinking we’ll throw you out in November and elect Randy Altschuler, a man who knows how to develop businesses and hire the manpower to run our country. Maybe he can even find a way to bring our taxes down to a reasonable, affordable level so our children can stay on the East End.


Incredibly Generous

Dear Editor, 

A huge thanks to the East Hampton Independent, Kitty Merrill, and all our friends and neighbors throughout East Hampton for supporting the Springs Junior High athletes this school year. This summer, after a very short but nerve-wracking three weeks, the Springs Athletics Booster Club was able to raise enough funds to restore consolidated sports programming to Springs School and put our players back on the fields with their middle school peers from East Hampton and Montauk.

We are grateful to Rick Murphy and the support given by this publication and its reporters in helping to get the word out and generate support for our students. This is an incredibly generous community and we cannot thank you enough for supporting our school’s athletes. This community delivers when the call goes out and our students will never forget your support.


Surfers Healing

Dear Editor,

East End Disability Associates’ (EEDA) program participants, staff and family members participated in a one day surf camp at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk on Friday, September 14th. EEDA was proud to host professional surfers from Surfers Healing Foundation, a California based group that works with autistic children to give them a unique and life changing experience.

EEDA is an organization that provides services to over 600 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  This is the sixth year that EEDA has partnered with the communities of East Hampton and Montauk and hosted Surfers Healing to offer this camp at Ditch Plains Beach.

EEDA continues to receive invaluable assistance from many groups and relies heavily on the support of the local residents and public officials. It is because of the hard work and great support that the children and families who participate have a “day to remember.”

EEDA would like to thank the following groups and individuals for their generous spirit and vital roles:  the Surfers Healing group and Maui Jim, East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson and the East Hampton Town Board: Councilwoman Theresa Quigley, Councilwoman Sylvia Overby, Councilman Dominick Stanzione, Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, the East Hampton Department of Parks and Recreation, John Rooney, Anthony Littman and the staff , Chief Richard Schoen, Captain Alan Burke, the Montauk Fire Department and Ambulance Squad, The Fire Marshall’s Office, Ocean Rescue, Chief Ecker and the Police Department, Russ Calemmo and the East Hampton Lions Club, John Flaherty  (Mickey’s Carting), Joe Cucci (HeadQuarters Portable Restroom Solutions), Gosman’s Seafood Market, Helene Fallon, Kim Covell and the many local volunteers and the families who allow us to share in their special day.

We thank you for another wonderful year.  If you would like to know more about EEDA, please visit our website at; information for Surfers Healing can be found at


Clear Choice

To The Editor,

Pastor Havrilla’s letter in The Independent last week said it plain and simple, for those who have faith in the Bible; hearing Congressman Bishop’s statement about homosexuality puts a line in the sand.

Jesus Christ is a loving and patient God but he wants his people to uphold righteousness. Laws that change the meaning of biblical matters such as marriage are examples of the Government getting into the business of the church. This local election is giving people of faith that believe marriage is between a man and a woman a choice, a very clear choice. In a peaceful way people can change the direction of their government by voting for change.

God always makes it easy and clear: Congressman Bishop, who wants homosexual marriage, or Randy Altschuler, who says marriage is between a man and a woman. If a man, Congressman Bishop, is wrong about marriage, how could he ever fix the economy?