Source: The Independent

The Debate I'd Like To See

by Rick Murphy

October 10, 2012

Iíve been asked to moderate a lot of political debates over the years, but I always refuse, because the hosts invariably control what questions are posed to the candidates. Just once Iíd like to here a candidate skewer these lame questions and give something other than the predictable answer, like the `Challengerí below.

MODERATOR: Do you agree that it is important to keep our drinking water pure?

INCUMBENT: Our drinking water is our most precious commodity. Thatís why Iíve worked hard to limit build-out and the use of chemicals and pesticides.

CHALLENGER: This is one of the many issues we differ on. You see, Iím a big believer in dirty water. Chemicals keep my lawn green and pesticides make my trees bloom, and there is nothing more beautiful in all of nature. Iím for dirty water, in fact, Iím a proponent of poopy water.

MODERATOR: What will you do to make sure our beaches remain pristine?

INCUMBENT: Iím glad you asked that question, because there is nothing more important than protecting our natural resources, and thatís why Iíve beefed up our law enforcement efforts on the beach and redoubled our litter details.

CHLLENGER: Two words, my friends: ďBeach Glass.Ē There is nothing more special than finding a beautiful piece of it on our beaches. Today jagged edged broken beer bottles are tomorrowís treasures.

MODERATOR: But . . . but . .what if people cut their feet?

CHALLENGER: Simple Ė they go to the emergency room, tell them they have no insurance, and get free painkillers. Works for me!

MODERATOR: In these trying times taxes are understandably a hot button. If elected what will you do to hold down the tax rate?

INCUMBENT: During my administration weíve tightened our proverbial belts to insure out homeowners arenít overly burdened. That has meant some painful layoffs and difficult choices but it had to be done.

CHALLENGER: Cut taxes? Are you smoking crack? Iíll want leather office furniture in my new office and a new SUV! Hell, the payola alone will add millions to my budget. Iím warning everyone right now Ė youíll have to dig deep if Iím elected. I have expensive tastes, and Iíll be spending a lot of time wining and dining developers.

MODERATOR: Developers?

CHALLENGER: Yeah, like them guys who want to build a plastics factory. Thereís 50 large in it for me!

MODERATOR: Ethics has obviously become an issue.

INCUMBENT: The community knows me. They see me at church, they see me doing charity work. My family and I have lived in this community for 30 years. People know I am a just, kind man.

MODERATOR: On the other hand, there have been some serious charges lodged against the challenger. Sir, is it true what the cocktail waitress alleged?


MODERATOR: The double amputee?

CHALLENGER: Of course.

MODERATOR: The Boy Scout?



CHALLENGER: What! Thatís outrageous! Yet another example of my opponent distorting my record! I will not allow my reputation to be tarnished this way!

MODERATOR: Gentlemen, if each of you could summarize in a few words why the voters should choose you . . .

INCUMBENT: Iím running on my record. Iíve worked hard to serve this community, and the results are evident. Taxes are low. We provide excellent services . . . crime is almost non-existent. Please give me the opportunity to continue down this road.

CHALLENGER: Blah, blah, blah. Nobody ever keeps campaign promises. Hereís what I say: elect me, and we will have Happy Hours in every bar in town, every Friday night, and weíll pay for it with food stamps! Weíll have All You Can Eat buffets every Sunday, and weíll pay for it with the federal affordable housing grant! And one thing we can all agree on Ė this town needs strippers, and lots of Ďem! Vote for me and Iíll make sure we have pole dancers and . . . and . . .

MODERATOR: your time is up, sir.

CHALLENGER: My time has come! Look around the rest of the country!