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I Was Wrong

by Jerry Della Femina

October 10, 2012

Let me repeat that: I was wrong.

Last week I wrote a column where I predicted that the usual suspects – The New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. – were going to declare Barack Obama the winner of his debates with Mitt Romney.


Because, frankly, the so-called mainstream media favors Democrats – just as The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fox TV and this column favors Republicans.

I was wrong, not in my views but in my prediction.

Now comes a “How was I to know?”

How was I to know that Obama would so stink out the debate that even his most fervent followers would be left in a state of shock?

How was I to know that the Barack-fawning mainstream press, which spends most of its time in the warmth of Obama’s pocket, would be left flabbergasted and speechless by his inept presentation.

This was not an occasion for “Yes We Can” or “Hope and Change” or any of those nice-sounding empty slogans that so excited and mesmerized a whole nation four years ago.

This was a sad sack community organizer from Chicago pleading for his job.

The subject was the economy. There was no way that Obama could talk about the economy. So he went into a rope-a-dope mode until the debate was over.

Mitt Romney out-thought Obama, out-talked Obama, out-classed Obama and left him for dead.

I watched NBC’s Brian Williams after the debate because I think that he’s the best newsperson on television, despite his and his network’s political preferences.

When Williams came on camera right after the debate ended the first look I had of his face told me he was not about to declare Obama the winner. Poor Brian looked like he just ate a bad clam.

This was making me feel giddy so I immediately switched to MSNBC, thinking if anyone was going to declare Obama the winner it was the liberals on MSNBC. Alas, there was Rachel Maddow looking like she was about to cry.

Wasn’t there anyone at MSNBC who was crazy enough to say the winner of the debate was Barack Obama?

Bet they were sorry they dumped that loony Keith Olbermann.

Maddow called on Chris Matthews, the man who said, four years ago, that every time Barack Obama spoke he felt a tingle going down his leg.

Well, this time there appeared to be something going down Chris Matthews’ leg, but it wasn’t a tingle.

He was furious.

Matthews looked like if he could get past the Secret Service and get Obama in a headlock he would twist his scrawny neck.

Matthews had a series of “Why didn’t he?” questions. Why didn’t Obama talk about Romney’s 47 percent gaffe? Why didn’t he talk about blah blah blah? Matthews’ face turned the color of his politics. He was sputtering. It was delicious.

Finally I went to bed.

Just before I fell asleep I thought about all my many good Democrat friends. They’re smart, too smart not to see that they are about to go into a polling booth and vote for four more years of the worst president in the history of this country. They will vote for four more years of economic misery . . . four more years of unemployment . . . four more years of good people being forced to live on food stamps … four more years of class warfare . . . four more years of crushing debt . . . four more years of policies that will turn this country into Greece or Spain.

They saw him tonight – they saw the real Obama, I thought. Stumbling, bumbling, unable to keep up with Romney. They lost their “I’m disappointed in Obama. But Romney?” excuse.

Yet they are going to vote for this empty suit because he is, like them, a Democrat.

What a night. Obama was exposed to the world and the press was impotent to spin the story – until the next time.

I giggled myself to sleep.

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