Source: The Independent

September 26, 2012

Fair Share

Dear Editor,

This is in reply to your September 12 editorial that stated, “The airport belongs to everyone . . . sharing the inconvenience is as good a remedy as any.”

In theory you are correct, but the recent adoption of the previously abandoned route over Sag Harbor and Noyac does not provide for the sharing of the noise inconvenience.

The East Hampton airport decision to revert to the route is totally political and places the burden of noise pollution primarily on these Southampton residents.

If the airport must continue to provide helicopter service for movers and shakers, then access must be shared equally from all directions – north, south, east and west. Also helicopters must be above at least 3500 feet when traveling overland to and from the airport. Otherwise, helicopter service should be eliminated. At present helicopter noise above my Bridgehampton home is incessant and intolerable.


Moral Questions

Dear Rick,

No doubt about it, Congressman Bishop announced publicly, at the first debate held in a Christian Church no less, how wonderful lesbian relationships are, as well as the children raised in such relationships. I would hope that every Christian or any other faith for that matter that considers such behavior a sin would remember that on Election Day.

Let’s not be hypocrites and say in the teachings of our faith that homosexual behavior is a sin and then when we vote it’s jobs and the economy that are more important.

I trust that statements like that of Congressman Bishop will tell all pastors, who claim to preach against the sin of sodomy, what their obligation is concerning their vote.

The Muslims, if you want to believe it, are supposedly all bent out of shape because of a video that degrades Mohammed. I wonder if Christians are as upset with leaders that support and promote what the Bible calls sinful lifestyles whether the behavior is heterosexual or homosexual. Perhaps Congressman Bishop will approve of adultery and fornication next? Just what kind of moral leaders do we want in America? You know what you get with Congressman Tim Bishop – Sodom and Gomorrah.

In contrast to Congressman Bishop, Randy Altschuler stated that he supports marriage between a man and a woman. He also went on to ask “Are you better off now than you were two years ago?” You know the answer to that question every time you fill up your car with gas – the answer is No!

You know the answer when you talk to the growing number of unemployed. The answer is No! You know the answer when you pay the bill to heat your home with heating oil. The answer is No! You know the answer when you see the national debt reach the unheard of number of $16 trillion.

However, if you don’t care about morality and you think you’re living better, Tim Bishop’s your guy.


Party Down

Dear Rick,

Rick Santorum at a recent Values Voter Summit made clear his values.  He proudly stated that the Conservative movement will never have the elite, smart people on its side, nor colleges and universities; the Church and families is all that is necessary.  It may be a shock to his limited vision of man’s aptitude and that he or she can be smart and also believe in God and cherish family. Santorum needn’t worry about the elite, smart people knocking down his door to be a part of today’s distorted version of the once proud Republican Party and dare intrude upon them, that evil term, intelligence. 

What ever did happen to the GOP, the Grand Old Party?  Its Teastruction was and is sad to witness.  Nevertheless it is what it now and certainly not the Party that their one time professed hero President Reagan would be a part of, nor Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt or Lincoln.  Charles Joseph “Charlie” Crist Jr.” ex-Governor of Florida said, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party; the Party left me,”  echoed by Jeb Bush who said, “Reagan himself would have been too moderate, too reasonable for today’s GOP” and that there would be no place for either his father nor Reagan. 

Hopefully old time/in line Republicans, if there are any left that haven’t been pushed out, will turn out those interlopers responsible for the degeneration of their Party and resurrect that once cerebral proud Grand Old Party.


Cautious People


Dear Mr. Murphy,

In order to discuss the economy of Southampton, I’d like to make a couple of startling statements but first I’d like to comment on David Weinstein’s letter (“Stimulating Stimulus,” 9/19/12) in which he argues the greatest expansion in our economy occurred during President Clinton’s tenure. That expansion occurred in part because of unethical practices between government (mostly by Fannie Mae) and the financial sector protected by a Federal Reserve and Treasury that deregulated the markets, turned those markets into casinos, and bailed out poorly-managed firms that gambled badly, all of which contributed to the great recession described by Mr. Weinstein. Recent scandals involving Chase bank and Jon Corzine’s brokerage firm prove little has changed. So it’s no surprise people are cautious. 

As for the local economy, in recent months several articles have reported that neighborhoods west of the canal are “less sought after” than those east of the canal, therefore, I’m going to analyze a couple of land-use decisions made west of the canal that I believe have not favored economic development. 

One decision allowed affordable housing to be built right in the middle of horse farm fields and another involved the clear cutting of two acres of trees to build an unnecessary recharge basin that is unsafe and an eyesore. Sadly, closing the unused basin might be a less expensive alternative than remedying the problems created by its excavation.