Source: The Independent

September 19, 2012

Stimulating Stimulus

Dear Editor,

Randy Altschuler doesn’t have his facts right. The deficits accrued because of Republican policies: quadrupled under Reagan; doubled under Bush because of his huge tax cuts and money borrowed to fight the misguided Iraq war. Under Clinton after tax increases we had 4 years of budget surpluses that spawned the greatest expansion of our economy since the end of World War II.

The “Obama deficits” started with the Bush bailout of the banks continued by Obama and expanded to include and save the big 3 automakers along with 1 million jobs spread through our economy as a result and a stimulus package that has resulted in the creation of over 4 million jobs since Obama took office.

Without Obama’s deficits the United States and the world would have slipped into the 2nd Great Depression.

Loose talk is just that. There is no proof that tax cuts for people earning more than $250,000 per year create jobs. Because of the great recession caused by the flagrant and irresponsible business practices of mortgage lenders (the banks) people and businesses aren’t spending money. Keynesian economics proves that when this happens the government must step in to hire teachers, policeman and fireman and fund projects to rebuild our infrastructure including our highways and bridges all of which create jobs.

The Republican Congress voted against Obama’s most recent proposals for stimulus that would have added another one million jobs and yet they blame him for lack of job growth.

Mr. Altschuler would join his Republican colleagues in preventing such stimulus. His boast of a 10 point plan to increase jobs on Long Island is poppycock. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. Mr. Altschuler would also vote for Congressman Ryan’s plan to put Medicare on a voucher system. An experiment with “Medicare Advantage” in Florida has already proved to be more expensive. Mr. Altschuler would cause Medicare beneficiaries to have to pay a substantial portion of their own medical care, which in most cases would be devastating.

Mr. Altschuler also joins Mr. Ryan and Mr. Romney in a promise to repeal Obamacare so that people with prior existing conditions and those who lost or changed their jobs would not get coverage. Those with catastrophic illnesses would lose their homes and likewise those middle-class people who need nursing home care would also lose their homes.

Mr. Editor, instead of focusing on the undocumented brouhaha that Mr. Bishop wrongly accepted a donation from a person whom he helped get a fireworks permit you should be warning your readers about the catastrophe that would occur if Mr. Altschuler and the other Republican representatives have their way.

Succinctly stated, a grateful constituent offered to make a contribution after the Bishop congressional office took action on his behalf, which they did unconditionally.

The readers of The Independent deserve better than what you gave them and I trust you will print this letter so that they hear another point of view.


Editor’s Note: Readers of The Independent deserve and get the facts. Any newspaper that ignores unflattering news about a politician it favors does the entire populace a disservice. Tim Bishop stands accused by two respected non-partisan watchdog groups of soliciting a contribution in return for a favor. He has refused to fully vet what happened, has dodged the press, and has tried to convince voters that Altschuler made the charges. He needs to call on the Congressional Ethics Board to investigate and clear his name.

Our position is the same as Newsday, The Daily News, The Post, and dozens of other newspapers. The fact a constituent made a contribution isn’t the issue: the issue is the constituent asked for a favor, and Bishop’s daughter requested a contribution of up to $10,000 two days later, before the Congressman took any action. The constituent sent money only after Bishop delivered. Moreover, Bishop said the constituent first broached the matter of making a contribution; the constituent was adamant that it was Bishop’s camp that made the initial overture.

Incidentally, in the interest of accuracy, Obama hasn’t created any new jobs since he took office. He claims to have “created” four million new jobs “in the last 27 months.” He neglects to mention the four million jobs lost during his first two years in office. You can check for yourself with the Department of Labor. Those jobs came at a cost to the public of at least $228,000 per job, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Seriously Serious

Dear Editor,

Many conservatives including this writer are amazed at the disappointment, despair and hopelessness privately expressed by liberal friends amongst themselves and to us; as well as well-known pundits too, who have made their sentiments public.

As Democrats have risen for Ronald Reagan in 1979, many Democrats will have voted against Mitt Romney until Election Day when they will choose to vote for him. Their vote will be the evidence that will have realized that the games are over.

When the ideology hits the pocketbook, one’s security and one’s children’s future prospects, it is the ideology that may go last, but it will go.

The Obama Revolution was real. It was based on ideology, where the idea comes first and the story then is weaved around the idea to fit the ideology. But not all ideologies work, and not all ideas work.

I have a revolutionary idea for Gallup, CNN, ABC, Zogby, the WSJ and Rasmussen:

 The only polls that matter are the ones on Election Day.

I hope Election Day will turn into Independence Day when Americans will wipe the daze and false hope out of their mesmerized, glassy eyes, and conclude the logical: that a former community organizer with absolutely no business, management, administrative and economic experience, is not nearly qualified to run the world’s largest economy, our nation’s enormous budget, the world’s most powerful military and intelligence agencies, and also manage America’s health care, banking system and our automotive industry out of the White House. To think otherwise is to think the impossible and the irrational. What do you think?

I hope not the irrational.

You see, we have a deficit. A serous deficit. A serious deficit of seriousness.

Set ideology aside and look at the results.

In other words I hope for change where the voter will recognize that it’s time to get serious if they want a future, and understand that no matter how much one may like the man Obama, and most of us do because he seems earnest and likeable indeed, our like and our hopes will not turn the huge ocean liner we know as “America” around.

Barack Obama has proved that his management of the nation’s affairs is hopelessly mired in politics and self-dealing and it is foundering; that those most in need are those who will be hurt the most if Obama continued his current path - as he will because he said he is not yet finished.

He said that he will “fix” things. Just a reminder, the Democrats have been in power for seven years and Tim Bishop, Obama and his crew continued to fix things, didn’t they? I think seven years is three too many.

If it is a difficult situation for many in America today, it is far the worse for the poor and the lower middle class. Ironically, those who feel the pain the most are the most likely to vote for Obama again. For what? The pain and poverty you’re feeling now is not enough?
The problem is not just Obama, the man, but his advisors too, most of whom are out of their element and operate beyond their expertise. They can’t think outside the box because they haven’t even identified what is inside the box.

Most of these cabinet members and czars are not from the business world, but from academe. 

The results of Obama’s choices are demonstrated every day.

And the wisdom, too, might be reconsidered:

...that those who can, do;

...and those who can’t, teach.

Winston Churchill: No matter how beautiful the strategy, we should occasionally look at the results.

 The nation’s welfare is at stake and this is no longer a game.


Our Plovers

Dear Editor,

Randy Altschuler is running a campaign of Less. Less taxes. Less spending. Less regulations. Yet all we see is his nine point plan about business. Although one has to admit he loses credibility since he has 40 locations in the US and abroad but not one in Suffolk County. 

What about the environment? Out here in the East End we depend on our environment, especially our waters, as our number one economic engine. One of our biggest issues is where to draw the line between individual rights of homeowners and property developers and issues like preserving water quality. 

Please tell us your views as your silence has been deafening. And by the way, if you do, look this editor in the eye and tell us how one of the first things you will vote to cut is funding and regulations for things like our piping plovers. 


Plover Support?

Dear Mr. Murphy,

If I understand Michael Axelrad’s letter to the editor (“Who Is At Fault,” 8/29/12), he believes if Republican Randy Altschuler is elected, Mr. Altschuler will cease to protect piping plovers. However if Democrat Tim Bishop is elected he will continue to protect piping plovers, except on those occasions when he blows them up with fireworks. Value judgments aside, if one supports piping plovers, one is out of luck.

 As I’ve already noted, cronyism permeates Southampton politics, a subject that allows me to pick up from my last letter in which I began to describe Southampton’s flawed approach to the economy. If anyone should understand my argument, it Would be Mr. Altschuler.


Curtail Our Rights?

To The Editor,

Mr. Feldman’s analysis of my letter to Mr. Delgado is so inaccurate and rambling that I won’t bother responding to his letter. But he does voice his concern for the First Amendment (he rues the fact that the Supreme Court agreed with my position and not his), so I wonder what he thinks of our feckless President apologizing to Muslim fanatics because we have a First Amendment right to make fun of anyone we please, and they don’t. They certainly seem to have the right to say whatever they want about us, but according to Mr. Obama and his hapless State Dept., we must curtail our rights so as not to offend a mob of thugs and terrorists.

So will Mr. Feldman beseech the President and his minions to express similar outrage the next time Christians or Jews are mocked by Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, or their houses of worship are attacked by these same sensitive fanatics? Does our 1st Amendment guarantee of free speech apply only when the targets of that speech are groups which we know won’t try to kill us? Should we not have made those cartoons and films mocking Hitler because they might make his behavior worse? Or is Free Speech an absolute right? Just wondering.


Peta Plea

Dear Editor,

As someone who deals with dozens of cruelty to animals cases each week, I’m glad to hear that the man who was caught on videotape viciously kicking and pummeling a small dog inside an elevator in East Harlem has been arrested and charged.

The perpetrator’s reported lengthy criminal record, including arrests for assault, is not surprising. Mental-health and law-enforcement experts know that the bullies and cowards who abuse animals will often cross species lines. The American Psychiatric Association identifies cruelty to animals as one of the diagnostic criteria for conduct disorders, and the FBI uses reports of animal abuse in analyzing the threat potential of suspected and known criminals. The link between cruelty to animals and interpersonal violence is undeniable.

If you know or suspect that someone is harming animals, please report it to authorities immediately—for the entire community’s safety. To learn more, visit