Source: The Independent

Support In “Paradise”

by Kitty Merrill

September 12, 2012

Hundreds of well-wishers chomped hot dogs, slurped fresh clams and quaffed soda on the grounds of East Hampton High School Saturday evening at a barbecue fundraiser for Doris Quigley, the town lifeguard and EHHS student who broke her neck last month. Originally paralyzed, she’s currently making progress at the NYU Medical Rusk Rehabilitation Center.

Speaking to the incredible turnout, despite unpleasant weather predictions that prompted a change of venue from Atlantic Avenue Beach, her mom, East Hampton Town Councilwoman Theresa Quigley wrote, via email on Monday, “How can we possibly adequately express our gratitude?  It is so deep and so overwhelming that a thank you is completely inadequate. What a community we live in. It is indeed paradise, and the support of the Hampton Lifeguard Association, Ocean Rescue, and the East Hampton High School communities, for putting on the event and all the hundreds of people who came to show their compassion for Doris, one of East Hampton’s own, shows that the paradise is not just in appearance, but in a depth of caring and connection that we sometimes can lose track of, especially in the throes of summer. 

“The biggest thanks, however, is to each and every lifeguard, not just those on Atlantic that day who saved our Doris’ life and saved her from more injury, but to all of them, and to John Ryan Jr, and all of those dedicated members of the lifeguard family whose hard work and expert training proved its value in saving our Doris’ life and protecting her from further harm. Thank you.”

She signed the missive with all the family members’ names -- Theresa, Tom, Sally, Helen, Joseph, Rodger, and Doris Quigley.