October 03, 2012

Jerry's Ink


A totally comfortable and confident Barack Obama easily defeated a fumbling, ill-at-ease Mitt Romney in all three of the 2012 debates.

President Obama made all the telling points and outlined his plan to bring back the economy by imposing a "fair tax" on all American families earning over $250,000 a year.

The President promised a return to five percent unemployment by 2016 as a result of his soon-to-be-successful "shovel ready" hiring program that he has been talking about since 2008.

Mitt Romney's "Make the United States Energy Independent" plan was successfully dismissed by President Obama when he said that the Romney plan would pollute the atmosphere and lose us all our good friends in the Middle East.

Obama then scored considerable points when he outlined his "Greener Than Green" plan to finance start-up green energy companies by funding them with oil companies' profits. He added that giving up all their profits was the "fair and patriotic" thing for the oil companies to do. He also promised that by 2015 every car on the road will be getting 85 mpg.

Wait a second, you may be saying, the debates haven't taken place yet. How can Jerry Della Femina know how they are going to turn out?

Simple. I have a crystal ball and I looked into the present and saw all the "Who won the debate" stories that are being written now, before the first debate, by The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC.

It's the same reason you're still reading about Romney's 47 percent gaffe in The New York Times, but you are not reading about Obama's gaffe trying to minimize the recent killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya, the popular uprisings in Syria that have resulted in over 20,000 deaths and the election in Egypt of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood as "bumps in the road."

Bumps in the road? Just imagine if Mitt Romney had said that.

Think of all the trees that would have been cut down to make enough paper so The New York Times could repeatedly say how outraged they were that Romney called a terror attack a "bump in the road." Think of the hours of network time that would have been devoted to news anchors like Brian Williams solemnly looking out at America and pretending to examine for the umpteenth time why an "out-of-touch Romney chose to call murder a bump in the road."

Barack Obama, with the help of the media he has in his pocket, tried to pin the murder of an American ambassador (on the day of anniversary of September 11) on a protest over a stupid movie, instead of what it was, an act of terrorism.

Just go back and re-read Brave New World or 1984 and you will understand how this works:

If you don't say it is terrorism, than it isn't terrorism.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last week that there can be no doubt that terrorists had planned and carried out the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. The New York Times did not print a single word about Mr. Panetta's statement. Apparently it was not "All the News That Was Fit to Print."

So how can Mitt Romney win? He can't. Not as long as the media thinks the record of his very successful stint as the leader of Bain Capital or his last income tax filings are so, so much more important to the American people than Obama's record with the economy for the last four years. Or the fact that we have 9.2 percent unemployment and things are not getting better, as Obama insists, but they are getting worse.

The media doesn't care that Obama is throwing Israel under the bus. Did you read that Henry Kissinger predicts that there won't be an Israel in 10 years?

No, you probably didn't. It wasn't seen as important to the media as Obama's clowning appearance on "The View."

So enjoy the first debate. And when it's over and NBC's Andrea Mitchell and the rest of the media tells you it looks like Obama won the debate, you can be sure it was a draw. But if they tell you that it was a draw, that means Romney won big. They will never, ever tell you Romney won.

Then, of course, read The New York Times on Thursday so they can tell you what your lying eyes wouldn't admit that you saw.

Whichever the media outlet you watch, don't get nervous if you feel something soft on your face. It's just the wool being pulled over your eyes.

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    Done Deal
    October 02, 2012 | 10:03 PM

    Who cares what either of these guys say tomorrow night or in the next two debates after that about anything. Fact is, Obama by a landslide on November 6 ... an almost unprecedented 54/46 percent by popular vote; and 65/35 electorally. You can bet on it, and I'm taking all Republican money Jerry! BC

    Bill Crandall
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    Your Column
    October 03, 2012 | 12:53 PM

    I believe you're overlooking the fact that the Wall Street Journal has the largest circulation and Fox News has the most viewers in the U.S. I see you've been reading and watching both since you've published one column filled with erroneous "facts" after another.

    Cathie Payne
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    The End of An Era
    October 03, 2012 | 01:18 PM

    Et tu, Jerry? This utter crap? From The Guy Who Gave Us Great Advertising? SAY IT AINT SO !!! I have always called myself a political conservative. And always liked, supported and enjoyed your writing. Big, big fan. But now, here comes today's piece ... and here we are: Finally, Its "HOLD THE PRESSES! JERRY DISAPPOINTS!" Its sad, Jerry. Like finding your hero has feet of clay.. read it again, and you watch Jerry slowly descend to using cheap tricks, personalised attack modes and ill-imagined, bizarre and boring scenarios. Is this how an adman ends his innings? Not with a bang but with a disjointed ramble of conspiracy theories and addled, angry squeals? Slobbering drools and whimpering drips of meaningless prose? Rabid rightwing 'schlock masquerading as shock' but not working on ANY level? I feel sad as I say this, but hey, SOMEone has to: "Poor writing, Jer!" Poor thinking. Poor arguments. Poor you.

    Raj Marwah
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    Enjoy the debate
    October 03, 2012 | 02:16 PM

    It looks like you've ruffled a few feathers with this one. You don't have to be scholar to understand one really simple fact of life: the truth hurts. Good job spreading the message. Love you!

    Elisa Della Femina
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    Try to Relax
    October 03, 2012 | 04:16 PM

    Hey Raj Marwah ... Lighten up man! It's just Jerry being Jerry, and that's why we love him. BC

    Bill Crandall
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    A Day Late
    October 04, 2012 | 02:08 PM

    I've been meaning to read your column all week, but didn't get around to it. So now, reading this on 10/4, "a day late", I'm happy knowing that most of your debate predictions were wrong and Romney kicked ass. I don't know which I enjoyed more, the debate or watching Chris Matthews REACTION to the debate? Can't wait for Romney's next ass kicking which will lead up to his BIG WIN on 11/6 (and can't wait for your column next week :)

    Steve G
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    Late Read and Still Great
    October 05, 2012 | 12:03 PM

    Great article - I’m glad that a friend from the island sent me this article; just sorry that I received it today. It would have even been better reading on Wednesday. It’s so unfortunate what has happened to most media outlets; their slant and prejudice in reporting and lack of journalistic integrity.

    John M
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    Last Word on Debate
    October 05, 2012 | 12:43 PM

    To Steve G ... No doubt about it, your guy kicked Obama's ass last night. I was embarrassed to leave my "apartment" today. Looked down at my shoes all day.

    But if you actually think Romney's going to win, I would suggest that you take Jerry's advice and "sell, sell, sell" right now. LOL, BC

    Bill Crandall
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    Obama Slaughtered Romney!
    October 05, 2012 | 02:02 PM

    Obama decimated Romney right out of the gate. Romney, with his mumbling, foot-in-the -mouth performance, doesn't have a chance.

    I repeat what Obama repeated from the THINK PROGRESS Talking Points memos on the podium. Please repeat with me:

    Romney wants to give Warren Buffett a $5 Trillion tax cut.

    After this poor, fumbling and mumbling performance by Mitt Romney, looking down at his shoes throughout the debate thinking about Hope and Change, his next hit of choom, Mitt doesn't have a chance in Hell.

    I know Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt, but that's just an impulse on her part like flying off to Paris on a multi-million dollar shopping spree at taxpayer's expense.

    Look, if we don't pay for her Channel suits, who will? You?

    Meanwhile, Romney will take his deductions for sending jobs abroad, as Obama said.

    Romney also eats babies alive - it's true - and knows nothing about business. If he did, he'd have grown up on the streets of Chicago with Saul Alinsky books.

    There's a warrant out for PBS newsman Jim Lehrer's arrest for causing worldwide riots in media newsrooms for allowing Romney to get away with his act.

    Andrew Benjamin
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    October 06, 2012 | 07:16 PM

    No, we don't love Jerry being Jerry. We dislike the tripe he writes in his columns.

    Here's a good idea for a newspaper contest: on how many points was this column false, misguided and unfunny? (answers of "an infinite number" will be disallowed).

    Jerry's "predictions," and his views in general, have about as much substance as the empty chair that Clint Eastwood insulted at the Republican Convention.

    Tom Farre
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