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Dementia, Mom, & Me: Joey's Journey

Anger, check. Loneliness, check. Social isolation, check. Resentment, check. Fear, check. Loneliness, check (again). Exhaustion, too tired to check. Pick a negative feeling and caregivers of loved ones with dementia go through it....more>

Renovation 'Round The Pond

There's big doings down at two of East Hampton's most historic properties on the edges of Town Pond, mere steps from where the area's first English settler, Lion Gardiner, slumbers for eternity in effigial repose....more>

Social Security Payouts Increase, Concerns Remain About System

An article in Forbes last year put it succinctly: "Social security could be in worse shape than we thought." The author, Jamie Hopkins, painted an even bleaker picture than usual about the future of the program tens of millions of Americans rely on to survive after they retire....more>

Not Your Typical Class Pets

When a longtime marine science teacher from Southampton High School was asked to design his dream classroom in 2008, he never believed it would actually come true....more>

Inaugural Jordan's Run Sunday

If it weren't for Lance Corporal Jordan Haerter, dozens of marines, police, and civilians at the post he died defending would have perished in the April 2008 explosion....more>

Mr. Thiele Goes To Washington?

It's not that he hasn't been asked in the past; happy with the work he does in the State Assembly, Fred Thiele just wasn't that interested. Now he is....more>
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