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Board Meeting: Fast And Friendly

Nobody argued. Nobody yelled. With the outing ending in under two hours, with the outing ending without a single raised voice, veteran East Hampton Town Board attendees, accustomed to the tension and arguments of the last administration, were left slightly disoriented....more>

State Report Lists Stressed Schools

Compared to districts upstate and in western and central New York, and despite property tax caps and diminished aid, East End schools are doing pretty well financially....more>

Quogue Property Sale Still Under Review

For months now there's been debate amongst residents and officials in the Village of Quogue over the sale of a 1.3-acre, village-owned, canal side property on Dune Road....more>

Protestors Say 'Kill The Plan, Not The Deer'

"A barbaric event of horror." That's how Bill Crain, founder of the East End Group for Wildlife, described the proposed use of sharpshooters to kill some 3000 deer -- does and fawns being the main target -- on the East End....more>
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