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Fall Festival Season In Full Effect

Pumpkin picking, pirates, cider and seafood. The fall festival season's in full force with a tasty olla podrida of events, festivals and fairs across the East End....more>

Hidden Danger Of Sudden Squalls

The torrential rains on the afternoon of September 3 brought squall-like conditions to the East End, causing widespread flooding. But a more dangerous and possibly fatal result of intense, sudden rain or a prolonged period of rainy conditions exists that many people aren't aware of....more>

Supe Wants Shed Permit Requirements Gone

Next Tuesday night, the Southampton Town Board will hold a public hearing on Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst's proposal to eliminate permit requirements for residential storage sheds....more>

Anatomy Of A Shakedown : Report Chronicles Events Of Plover Gate

"Call me the frigging mailman . . . would you be willing to reach out for a contribution? . . . he and his wife can each do five large . . ." No, that wasn't Tony Soprano asking Big Pussy to be his bagman....more>

Shored Up: A Must See Film Plays Here Saturday

By Miles X. Logan Ben Kalina's brilliant film, Shored Up, is drawing rave reviews all over the country. But its poignant message is especially topical on the East End....more>

Demand Catch Limit Fairness

It's a fight that's gone on for decades. Ever since the federal government mandated fishery catch limits years ago New Yorkers have complained about both their accuracy and fairness....more>
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